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The hate marches on

New York City was, is, and always will be The Legal Genealogist‘s city.

I wasn’t born there, no.

I may live elsewhere, even far distant from time to time.

I may grouse and gripe and grumble when I have to drive there.

But it’s the city in whose shadow I grew up.

The city where I encountered Broadway plays and museums and street hotdogs and bookstores and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and Central Park and the Empire State Building.

It is my city.


And today, once again, we face the somber reminder that there is such hatred towards this city. Here, just one week after the 15th anniversary of 9/11, we awake to the reality that there are those whose hatred will drive them even to violence.

We do not know, this morning, hours after the attack, who is responsible for the bombs in Manhattan.

Who is responsible for shattering 29 lives.

We can only be grateful that whoever is responsible “only” injured and maimed, and didn’t kill.

We don’t know if this comes from international terrorism, or domestic terrorism, or just some looney irritated with this neverending election cycle.

And it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that this hatred has to stop.

Here on DNA Sunday let us all just take a brief moment and remember what our DNA is proving over and over and over again: we truly are all cousins. When we hate, we are hating our own. When we attack, we are attacking our own. When we kill, we are killing our own.

The hatred marches on.

And it’s time, and more than time, that it stopped.

Before we destroy ourselves.

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