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No Louisianans???

It is a very rare case when The Legal Genealogist speaks in a southern state and can’t reference direct ancestors.

If I’m in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and even Oklahoma, I can talk about my direct lines.

But today, I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and guess what?

You didn’t see Louisiana on that list, did you?

How in the world did that happen? How did we manage not to even put down temporary roots in this gorgeous location?

I have no idea.

Now that isn’t to say nobody in my family ever settled here. I have first and second cousins here in Louisiana — Cottrell first cousins (hi, Stacy! Hi, Mickal!) and Haag second cousins. And if we’re right about my third great grandmother Wilmoth being a Killen, then her brother Benjamin Franklin Killen and his descendants were (and probably are still) in Louisiana.

But as for direct lines, all I can say is… who dat? There may be some in my brick walled lines, but…

And that’s a shame, since it would give me more incentive to learn Louisiana law which, in case you’ve never encountered it, is very different from what most of us are used to! Louisiana follows the civil law (based on the Roman code) rather than the British common law system.

So if there are Louisianans hiding in my tree somewhere, and if there are cousins out there with something to share, come on out from hiding, will ya?

It’s no fun JUST asking who dat…!

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