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Updating the website

So The Legal Genealogist is edging into the 21st century… maybe … with a little bit of an update, and a little bit of a spruce up, and a lot of construction dust and debris and woes.

messFirst there was the problem of trying to see what the changes would look like before they were permanent. On a host that was roughly the speed of a glacier.

Then there was the glitch with the export of existing content. Using a platform that wasn’t designed to do that very well. And didn’t.

Then there was the question of importing the content. Which should have worked flawlessly. And didn’t.

And then…

And then…

We all love technology, right? Until it bites us right when and where we least expect it to.

In any case, the outer shell and innards of the new site are now up and working. At least I think they’re working. Time will tell.

There’s still some work to be done. The Chrome browser isn’t playing nicely with the theme the way the other browsers are, and there are sure to be some other glitches I haven’t spotted yet. Still, it’s better and more functional than it was.

In the meantime:

(a) if you subscribe by email and you’re here because you’re not getting this and later posts by email, subscribe again please, using the email subscription button to the right on the website.

(b) If you’re poking arouind the website and something doesn’t work, let me know in a comment to this post or by email (you can use the Ask TLG link at the top of every page).

(c) If you’re reading something or looking at something and it doesn’t look right or you think it could be better, let me know that too, the same way.

And thanks for your patience while the rest of the reconstruction gets done, mostly behind the scenes.

But… hey! Watch out for that drop cloth!

And don’t trip on that ladder!

And pardon the mess, please.

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