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Update at The Legal Genealogist

Even people like The Legal Genealogist — who generally focuses on the past — occasionally need to look to the future.

constructAt least if they don’t want their readers and even their web hosting company to be annoyed with them because everything is breaking under the hood.

Which is where this website basically is today.

The engine is slowing down, the brake pads need replacing, the oil should be changed.

So as of right now The Legal Genealogist is, officially, under construction.

That may not mean a darned thing, if all goes well. The behind-the-scenes work may all stay behind the scenes and you, dear reader, won’t see anything except (sooner rather than later) a somewhat newer somewhat shinier and — with luck — faster and more responsive face to the website.

On the other hand, I may manage to crash the whole system and be offline for a couple of days. If I’m lucky…

Wish me well on this voyage into the 21st century, willya?

And stand by, please…

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