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The hills are alive!

It is Thursday, March 3, here in Australia, and the 10th Unlock the Past Cruise is coming to an end.

Eighteen days of sailing, from Auckland, New Zealand, to Fremantle (Perth), Australia, and stops at some of the most beautiful ports you can imagine.

And on the sea days… genealogy. Lots and lots and lots of genealogy.

Genealogy involving Australia and New Zealand and Canada and the UK and the US.

Genealogy involving common themes, like probate and common law.

Genealogy involving 21st century techniques, like DNA.

Great genealogy.

Genealogy that has, now, attracted its 1,000th cruiser with the Unlock the Past Cruises, and more to come.

We’ll do a seminar today at Perth, at the State Library of Western Australia, and then see some of the city before heading off for Brisbane, another seminar there on Saturday… and then, for The Legal Genealogist, home on Sunday.

Which leaves some photos to be uploaded. Photos of a great day up in the hills above Adelaide, some of the most beautiful country you can imagine.


At a wildlife sanctuary in the hills called Cuddlee Creek, there was so much to see. An Australian pelican, for example:


And an echidna:


And dingos:


And a baby wallaby that would have fit very neatly into my backpack:


And a kookaburra:


And — sigh — how can you not love that face???


They wouldn’t let me put him in my backpack either.

Only a little more time to see things here in Australia…

Then home.

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