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Part 1…

The Legal Genealogist will spent part of this fine Saturday morning (well, it’s Saturday here in New Zealand!) with the folks at the Dunedin Public Library, talking about the women of our families — why they’re so hard to trace, and some of the tips and tricks for finding them.

And then… and then… I sure hope to get back out before the ship sails again to see some of the amazing birds that New Zealand has to offer.

Dunedin is on New Zealand’s south island where penguins and albatrosses can be found. So I have hopes. But the truth is, no matter where you go in New Zealand, there is so much to be found and enjoyed…

Such as just these tidbits found walking in a reserve called Zealandia near Wellington:

The shag:


The kākā (1 and 2):



The takahe:


The North Island robin:


And my favorite for the day… the quails… mama and chick:



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