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Speaking out in 2016

The Legal Genealogist is quite certain that it will come as a great surprise to everyone out there.

PrintYou would never ever have guessed that … well … I like to talk about genealogy.

I know, I know. Such a shocking revelation.1

Can’t help it — with my most of my family tending to roll their eyes when I even say the word genealogy, I have to have an outlet someplace. And I got hooked on having people laugh at my jokes during all those years of teaching law students.2

Fortunately, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a genealogist, it’s that genealogists like to listen — and learn — and share.

So if you’re of a mind to come out and listen — and learn — and share with me your stories, too, here are some 2016 options: conferences, seminars and lectures where you can find me.


• 11-15: Course coordinator, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), Salt Lake City
• 24: Burlington County Historical Society, Burlington, NJ
• 30: Mississippi Genealogical Society, Jackson MS


• 3-6: RootsTech, Salt Lake City
• 13: Unlock the Past, Auckland NZ
• 14-3 March: 10th Unlock the Past Cruise, New Zealand & Australia
• 16: Unlock the Past, Wellington NZ
• 20: Unlock the Past, Dunedin NZ
• 24: Unlock the Past, Sydney Australia


• 3: Unlock the Past, Perth Australia
• 5: Unlock the Past, Brisbane Australia
• 12: DuPage County Genealogical Society, Naperville IL
• 16: Legacy Family Tree webinar, “The Private Laws of the Federal and State Governments”
• 18-19: Family History Society of Arizona, Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ
• 26: Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD


• 2: Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society, Huntsville AL
• 8-9: Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Wausau WI
• 16: Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Santa Rosa CA
• 30: Orange County Genealogical Society, Goshen NY


• 4-7: NGS 2016 Conference, Fort Lauderdale FL
• 22: Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island, Plainview NY


• 3-5: Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto, Canada
• 12-17: Course coordinator, Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR), Birmingham AL
• 26-1 July: Course coordinator, Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), Pittsburgh PA


• 9: Victoria County Genealogical Society, Victoria TX
• 12-14: Midwestern African American Genealogical Institute, Fort Wayne IN
• 23: East Baton Rouge Parish Library, Baton Rouge LA


• 1-5: Lecturer, “Researching Family in Pennsylvania” course, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA
• 6: Kentucky Genealogical Society, Frankfort KY
• 7-12: 2016 IAJGS Conference, Seattle WA
• 20: Willard Library, Evansville IN
• 31-3 Sep: FGS 2016 Conference, Springfield IL


• 14: Legacy Family Tree webinar, “The Treasure Trove in Legislative Petitions”
• 17: Maine Genealogical Society
• 22-24: Montana State Genealogical Society, Missoula MT
• 26-28: Rogue Valley Genealogical Society, Medford OR


• 1: Florida Genealogical Society (Tampa), Tampa FL
• 15: Ventura County Genealogical Society, Camarillo CA
• 16: Jewish Genealogical Society – JGSCV, California
• 22: Wilson-Cobb History and Genealogy Library, Roswell NM
• 28-30: Texas State Genealogical Society


• 3: German Genealogy Group, Hicksville NY
• 5: Delaware State Archives, Dover DE
• 12: Bucks County Ancestry Fair, Bucks County PA


• Home? Really? COOL!


  1. Yes, indeed, my tongue really is sticking so deeply into my cheek that my ear is in danger…
  2. No comments, please, about the possibility that they laughed only because I got to grade them at the end of the semester.
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