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Genealogy cruises

So, people ask, why should we consider going on a genealogy cruise?

It’s a question that leaves The Legal Genealogist completely baffled.

Why wouldn’t you consider going on a genealogy cruise?

Consider, for example, the Alaska cruise offered just a month ago by the Federation of Genealogical Societies. It departed from and returned to Seattle, and the ports of call were Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria, British Columbia.

The genealogy part of the cruise was amazing:

Elizabeth Shown Mills speaking on Finding Females: Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Paramours; Okay, I Got the Neighbors: Now What Do I Do with Them?; Using Evidence Creatively: How to Spot Clues and Demand Answers from Run-of-the-Mill Records; Smith & Jones: Problem-Solving with Families of Common Names; and Margaret’s Baby’s Father & the Lessons He Taught Me: Illegitimacy, Name Changes & More.

D. Joshua Taylor speaking on Tracing Eastern Origins of Western Families; Beyond Belief: The Wealth of Genealogical and Historical Societies; Treasures in the Archives: Using Archive Grid; and Society Management: Creating a Website for Your Society.

David E. Rencher speaking on Society Management: How Will Our Society Survive?; Tracing Immigrant Origins for Irish Ancestors; Documenting a Nation’s History Using the Resources of FamilySearch; Framing the Problem for Overseas Research; and a two-part workshop, Reconstructing the Neighborhood for Rural Dwellers In Ireland and Reconstructing the Neighborhood for City Dwellers In Ireland.

The Legal Genealogist speaking on Beyond X and Y: The Promise and Pitfalls of Autosomal DNA Testing; Making a Federal Case Out of It; The Gentlemen Judges: Justices of the Peace; and then a two-part workshop, Order in the Court – Hands-On with Court Records.

Cherie Bush not only speaking on Society Management: Partnering with Public/Private Libraries but gamely bringing the spouses and newbies along with a terrific overview of an Introduction to Genealogy.

Beyond that, there’s the cruising. The chatting with others who share your interests. The shows. The music. The food. Oh… the food…

And then there are the days you’re not at sea… or if you’re at sea, you’re at sea staring at some of the most amazing scenery the planet has to offer. Don’t believe me? Let me offer just a few examples from my own photos (you can find the whole gallery here):

Guess where we were…

Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm Fjord

“Thar she blows”: an orca near Victoria, British Columbia

The tail of a humpback whale near Victoria, British Columbia

The whole trip was amazing, and we as genealogists have some terrific options. Heritage Books offers cruises, one coming up later this month through the Panama Canal. Legacy Family Tree has an annual cruise and its 2016 cruise is to Alaska. Unlock The Past cruises has an amazing line-up of cruises around the world, and I’ll be one of the speakers on its 10th cruise, to New Zealand and Australia in early 2016.

And, I sure hope, there will be more in the future from FGS.

So when people ask why they should consider going on a genealogy cruise, you now know the answer: why wouldn’t you consider going on a genealogy cruise?

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