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Happy birthday, Phoenix!

It was one of those conversations you never forget.

The Legal Genealogist‘s niece, Bobbi, had called just before Christmas to say she’d pretty much given up on having a second child.

It had been more than five years since her daughter Sydney was born and, despite their best efforts,1 no second child was happening.

And, she said, she was starting to feel that it was for the best. Sydney was in school all day. Her time was starting to be her own again. She was thinking of finally going back to school and taking some classes she wanted to take.

All in all, she said, it was probably a good thing that Sydney was going to be an only child.

And, of course, you can write the rest of this story yourself, can’t you?



Phoenix will be nine years old tomorrow. His older sister is 15.2 And there’s a younger sister who was added to the mix just as unexpectedly as her brother.

Happy birthday, Phoenix!

Families are such fun…


  1. No, actually, I didn’t ask for any details, and you shouldn’t either. It’s rude.
  2. Heaven help us! A teenager! She’s a really good kid, just a teenager! Yikes!
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