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Free webinar tomorrow

Genealogists tend to be the storytellers of the family. The ones who ferret out, record, and pass on the details.

JeanneBloom2-2But how do we do that — and do it well? What’s needed in the story to explain just how this genealogical tale all hangs together?

In particular, how do we ensure that the story we’re passing on is up to standard? That it meets the best practices of our field of genealogy?

Come find out tomorrow night when Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG, offers her insights on “The Family Tapestry: Integrating Proof Arguments into the Genealogical Narrative” in a free webinar presented by the Board for Certification of Genealogists starting at 8 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th.

Now, two points right off:

First, you need to register in advance for this webinar. The link to do that is here.

Space is limited for this free live webinar. Registration does not guarantee a space; you may need to log in early to be sure to get a seat online for the live webinar. A recording will be available afterwards if you don’t manage to get in for the live presentation.

Let me repeat that so there’s no misunderstanding: you must register in advance but registering doesn’t guarantee a space. All webinars work that way, so come early to have the best shot at getting in for the live presentation.

And if you do come early, you’ll get to hear Jeanne use the language of weaving and the work of distinguished philosopher Stephen Toulmin to deal with this perennial issue of incorporating proof arguments when we write up genealogical research. It’s a key question for folks considering certification and looking at writing up a portfolio, and impacts any genealogist who wants to write the family story.

Jeanne is the president of the Board for Certification of Genealogists and a full-time professional researcher specializing in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, forensic genealogy, problem solving, and multi-generational family histories. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a second-year certificate from the University of Chicago’s publishing program. Her interest in genealogy began much earlier. Rather than having her grandmother read her a story before naptime, Jeanne would ask to hear a story about when she was a little girl.

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