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Registration info for upcoming conferences

So… you missed the NERGC conference in Providence, did you? And now you’re wondering what else may be out there coming up to add to your genealogical education? And maybe even get to see The Legal Genealogist‘s pink blazer in person…?

alarm.clockThere are some deadlines coming up soon…

Indiana, April 21: Last day to register online for the Indiana Genealogical Society annual conference, to be held Saturday, April 25th, in Terre Haute. Lots of great sessions here to choose from, featuring Mike McCormick, Donna Adams, Vikki Sordean, and Tim Phipps, as well as The Legal Genealogist and her pink blazer! The conference will be on the campus of Indiana State University and will be great fun. Come on out and join us!

Georgia, April 24 (by mail) and April 29 (online by PayPal): Registration deadlines for the Georgia Genealogical Society conference, to be held Saturday, May 2nd, in Atlanta. This all-day event, entitled “Your Ancestors and the Law,” will be at McElreath Hall Auditorium at the Atlanta History Center. We’re going to talk about private laws, the legal issues involved in African-American ancestry, black sheep and copyright concerns.

NGS, April 29: Deadling for registering for Live Streaming of 10 lectures from the National Genealogical Society’s 2015 conference in St. Charles, Missouri. I’m going to be speaking in person at NGS and not in the live-streamed sessions, but oh boy… those live-streamed sessions are worth every penny. If you haven’t yet heard Alison Hare present The Time of Cholera: A Case Study about Historical Context (in the Methodology Techniques track), you are in for such a treat…

Southern California, April 30: Early bird registration deadline for the Southern California Genealogical Society 2015 Jamboree and DNA Day Plus!. DNA Day Plus! will be on Thursday, June 4th, and when they say Plus!, they mean Plus! Workshops including my own “Order in the Court: Hands-On with Court Records” and Jay Fonkert’s “Who in the World was Hjalmar? A Hands-on Problem Solving Workshop” are add-ons for attendees. And Jamboree itself gets underway June 5-7.

Austin, May 19 (mail) and May 28 (online): Pre-registration deadlines for the Austin Genealogical Society’s 2015 seminar to be held Saturday, May 30th, at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church in Austin. An all-day review of genealogy and the law ranging from how old somebody had to be to be in this type of record to the silly records our misbehaving ancestors left behind for us to find.

Hope to see you this spring!

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