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Happy birthday, Diana!

There are some birthdays, particularly as we get older, that are just plain boring.

You know the ones I mean.

No Medicare. No Social Security. No new benefits of any kind. Not even a new discount.

Just the inexorable march of time.

Yesterday was not one of those birthdays for The Legal Genealogist‘s sister, Diana.

Neither of us looks entirely sure about this new arrangement...

Neither of us looks entirely sure about this new arrangement…

I probably shouldn’t give too much away here.

After all, she knows where I live.

And she knows all the things I’ve ever done that have gotten me — and her — in trouble.

There's little doubt the mud was my idea, not Diana's.

There’s little doubt the mud was my idea, not Diana’s.

She is older than I am and suffers from all of the usual complaints of the oldest child: she was the rule-follower, I was the rule-breaker. You could eat off the floor on her side of our shared bedroom, you couldn’t see the floor on my side. I would head off to do something dumb, she would dutifully follow along to try to keep me out of the worst of trouble, and usually end up in trouble right by my side.

I’m sure she remembers all those times.

Like the time our mother had taken the younger kids to visit her parents in Virginia during the school year, leaving Diana and me behind. I slipped on the ice when we were walking to school and decided that was an omen: I wasn’t going to school. The neighbor who was watching us decided to call the police when her boys came home for lunch and told her they hadn’t seen us at school.

Or the time I decided it was too nice a day to have to go to school and we should play in the field near the house instead. After all, we could hear the school bells and just go home on time by listening to the bells. I hadn’t counted on the fact that you’d get home 15 minutes too early if you didn’t remember there was a warning bell first…

My first friend.

My oldest friend.

Still friends... after all these years... I guess she's forgiven me!

Still friends… after all these years… I guess she’s forgiven me!

My lifelong friend.

My sister.

Happy birthday, Diana!

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