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The 1940 registration

The Legal Genealogist is up to her eyeballs in the frenzy of the last day of the combined FGS2015-RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City. But it’s Saturday… a day for my family here on the blog… and I can’t leave this space vacant.

So here’s a teaser.

Did you know we had aliens among us?

And — better yet — we not only had aliens among us, they left records???

Take a gander at these two pages of an AR-2 form from the Alien Registration of 1940. And we’ll talk about these forms — and about the woman recorded in these forms, Martha Benschura — down the road. (And if you’re here in Salt Lake City, come join me at 4 p.m. when I’ll be speaking about Martha Benschura: Enemy Alien.)


Page 1, AR2 form, Martha Benschura


Page 2, AR2 form, Martha Benschura

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