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Do yourself a favor

Drop everything.

Put all your other projects on hold.

Clear your decks.

Make sure you have a lot of time and a good strong internet connection.

Have something to drink and snacks at hand.

Then click over to Hoosier Daddy?, a blog by Indiana genealogist Michael D. Lacopo.

HoosierNow that link takes you to a rather unprepossessing initial posting that may have you wondering if The Legal Genealogist has lost her cotton-pickin’ mind.1

Read on.

Scroll down on the right hand side, where the links are to the posts in reverse date order. Then read each and every post in this blog, in chronological order, starting with “In the beginning…,” posted back in February, all the way through to “Hoosier Daddy? … Revisited,” posted yesterday.

Hoosier Daddy? is the story of the search for Michael’s grandparents. His mother, Carol, was adopted, and when Michael became interested in genealogy he wanted to find out more about her biological family. How he started in 1982 with just a few clues… how he ended up, in 2014, still putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

It is a masterful tour de force in genealogical storytelling.

And it has everything you might want: suspense, pathos, tears, laughter. A lot on how to do genealogical research. A lot on how not to do it. A skillful interweaving of historical information and the modern hot-on-the-trail research. Detailed and clear explanations of how to actually use DNA in solving family mysteries.

And it has the cliffhanger ending.

The cliffhanger ending to Every. Blasted. Post.

The cliffhanger ending to Every. Blasted. Post. That’s. Driving. Me. Bonkers. Waiting. For. The. Next. Installment.

And the story’s not over yet.

So when you finish reading yesterday’s installment, do me a favor, okay?

Friend Michael D. Lacopo on Facebook.

And join me in threatening to duct tape him to his chair until he finishes telling the story.

It really is that good.

Go read this.


  1. Most people have no doubt about the answer to that question, but hey…
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