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Show-and-tell for DNA info

If there’s one thing people complain about, over and over, it’s that figuring out how to really use DNA testing in genealogy is hard.

how.toAnd they’re right.

The Legal Genealogist agrees 100%.

It is hard.

And thank heavens there are folks out there who are trying to make it easier.

Let me highlight three for you today who are trying to show us — visually — how to make the best use we can of our DNA results.

How-To DNA Launches

First off, there’s a new website that’s just been launched by Blaine Bettinger, who blogs as The Genetic Genealogist, called How-To DNA, described as a how-to guide for genetic genealogy.

The site will have short instructional how-to videos for beginners, as well as presentations and webcasts for the advanced genealogist. Already available are two short videos:

Download Raw Data from 23andMe

Download Raw Data from Family Tree DNA

Upcoming topics include things like interpreting DNA results, using a chromosome browser and using free third-party tools like GEDmatch.

Family Tree DNA Webinars

There isn’t much available anywhere online about genetic genealogy that can hold a candle to the free webinar lineup offered by Family Tree DNA.

This ongoing series already has a stunning archive on topics ranging from an introduction to Family Tree DNA itself to managing an FTDNA surname, geographic or haplogroup project.

In between those two are an astounding array of presentations on every type of DNA testing used in genealogy, including:

• “Family Tree DNA Results Explained: Family Finder”

• “Family Tree DNA Feature Update: myOrigins (Population Finder)

• “Family Tree DNA Results Explained: Y-DNA Markers, Matching & Genealogy

• “Family Tree DNA Results Explained: Y-DNA Haplogroups & Deep Ancestry

• “Advanced Topics at Family Tree DNA, Part 1: Y-DNA

• “Family Tree DNA Results Explained: mtDNA Matching & Genealogy

• “Family Tree DNA Results Explained: mtDNA Haplogroups & Deep Ancestry

• “Advanced Topics at Family Tree DNA, Part 2: mtDNA

AncestryDNA Youtube channel

For those who’ve tested with AncestryDNA, there’s a whole set of Youtube videos covering the testing there.

The must-see videos there start with Crista Cowan’s “Ancestry DNA: I Got My Results. Now What?.”

Others you should watch include:

• “AncestryDNA: What To Do With All Those Matches

• “AncestryDNA: Using Filters to Focus on One Family at a Time

• “AncestryDNA: Contacting and Collaborating with Cousins

• “Frequently Asked Questions About AncestryDNA

• “Frequently Asked Questions About AncestryDNA: Part Two

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