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With the boys in the Land of the Mouse

There was a great meme going around the genealogical Facebook community this past week after the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack by hackers took down the site.

There were several versions but all of them said something like:

“I wasn’t able to spend time with my ancestors since Ancestry was down. So I spent time with my family.

They seem like nice people.”

Yep, every so often, we all need to spend time with our own families. To create our own family history. And to reacquaint ourselves with these nice people.

Like my youngest nephews, aged 10 and 13, with whom I am stealing a few days here in the Land of the Mouse.


They are chalk and cheese, these boys.

Duncan, the younger, is still all boy. Elementary school humor, lots of hugs and even occasional hand-holding. I’m guessing I have a few years left with this one before he hits the stage where he doesn’t want to be seen — or even associated — with the grown-ups.

Dennis, the older, is teetering on the brink between boy and teenager. One minute all boy, the next all sarcastic (and hilariously funny) mouth. He still tolerates hugs from aunts and doesn’t even mind riding the rides with me… but his ever-increasing height and ever-deepening voice makes it clear that that “leave me alone” stage is coming up fast.

So this is all the time I’m taking on this glorious Saturday morning to spend with you, dear readers… because there are two boys waiting for me next door here in the Land of the Mouse. And because there is so precious little time we ever have with these young ones…

What are you doing today to create your family history?

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