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If you can’t be in Burbank…

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Southern California Genealogical Society… and that means Jamboree!

Jamboree2014Burbank will be hopping, starting with the Family History and DNA Day sessions today and on into three more days of Genealogy Jamboree at the Los Angeles Burbank Marriott.

It’ll be great fun, it’ll be a chance to learn lots of new things.

But… but… but what if you can’t be in Burbank?

Welcome livestreaming.

The Legal Genealogist has already written about the livestreaming of today’s DNA sessions, which carry a cost of $30 each or $130 for an all day pass. (See “Figuring it all out,” posted 25 May.) If you’re quick, you can still get in on some of those sessions (all are Pacific time):

• TH003 – 10:00AM – CeCe Moore: “Real World Stories from the Desk of a Genealogy DNA Detective
• TH007 – 11:30AM – Diahan Southard: “Lab Tour: How Your Data is Generated
• TH010 – 2:15PM – Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD: “Using Autosomal DNA to Explore Your Ancestry
• TH015 – 3:30PM – Dr. Maurice Gleeson: “Which DNA is Best for You?
• TH021 – 5:00PM – Tim Janzen, MD: “Advanced Techniques for Use of Autosomal DNA Tests to Break Through Genealogical Brick Walls

And, starting tomorrow afternoon Pacific time, there will be free livestreamed sessions from the Genealogy Jamboree, thanks to which is underwriting the expense.

You do have to register, but registration is easy: just click on the link for whatever session you want and follow the directions (you’ll get a confirmation by email).

Remember that everything is in Pacific daylight time, so add one hour if you’re in the Mountain time zone, two hours if in Central and three hours if in Eastern. You will receive an emailed confirmation.

The sessions to be livestreamed are:

Friday, June 6

• FR009 – Friday 1:00PM – Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL – “Dowered or Bound Out: Records of Widows and Orphans
• FR018 – Friday 2:30PM – Blaine Bettinger PhD, JD – “DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard
• FR027 – Friday 4:00PM – Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FUGA – “Manuscript Finding Aids: Locating Migrating Family Records
• FR034 – Friday 5:30PM – F. Warren Bittner, CG – “Proof Arguments: How and Why

Saturday, June 7

• SA003 – Saturday 8:30AM – F. Warren Bittner, CG – “Elusive Immigrant!
• SA019 – Saturday 10:00AM – Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL – “Staying out of Trouble: The Rights and Responsibilities of Today’s Genealogist
• SA027 – Saturday 11:30AM – Michael Leclerc – “Researching Your New England Ancestors
• SA037 – Saturday 2:00PM – Bennett Greenspan – “The Future of Genetic Genealogy
• SA039 – Saturday 3:30PM – Dr. Maurice Gleeson – “Researching Your Irish Ancestry
• SA053 – Saturday 4:00PM – Cyndi Ingle – “The Internet: A Genealogist’s Printing Press

Sunday, June 8

• SU009 – Sunday 8:30AM – D. Joshua Taylor – “Resources of the DAR: Beyond Revolutionary War Soldiers
• SU012 – Sunday 10:00AM – Dawn Thurston – “How to Write a Personal History that Captures your Interesting Life
• SU020 – Sunday 1:00PM – Dr. Maurice Gleeson – “Ireland and the Slave Trade
• SU036 – Sunday 2:30PM – Denise Levenick – “Dirty Pictures: Save Your Family Photos from Ruin

If I don’t see you there, I hope you see some of us wherever you are!

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