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My nephew Tim

He is The Legal Genealogist‘s hero.

He is smart.

He is funny.

And he has the heart of a lion.

TimHe is my nephew Tim, and he is one of four family members recorded in my genealogy database with a birthday on May 5th.

And have I mentioned that he’s my hero?

He is an unrepentant Cubs fan, who will listen — start to finish — to every single game no matter where the Cubs stand… and he still believes they will win a World Series in his lifetime.

He is a Bears fan. A Bulls fan. A Blackhawks fan. A Chicago fan through and through.

And have I mentioned, lately, that he’s my hero?

He is a total card sharp. Do not ever play poker with this man. He will take your shirt while stealing your heart and making you laugh while he does it.

He is a Facebook addict. Letting him loose on the computer guarantees that you will (a) laugh and (b) lose a lot of time chasing down the links he posts.

Have I told you that he’s my hero?

He knows every song Taylor Swift has ever sung, word for word, and may be the world’s biggest Taylor Swift fan.

He is a loving son, loving brother, doting uncle of Martin (who has just turned one), a nephew and cousin to so many.

And have I mentioned yet — he’s my hero?

When Tim was born, there was every reason to believe he wouldn’t make it. A combination of spina bifida and hydrocephalus at that time offered a grim prognosis.

And time after time he has beaten the odds.

He has endured operations.

Years in a brace, and a wheelchair.

Hospitalization after hospitalization.

His life, of necessity, has been different from that of his peers.

And through it all — he has been smart.

And he has been funny.

And he has shown that he has the heart of a lion.

He is my nephew Tim.

And he is my hero.

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