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Don’t forget the sales

Mitochondrial DNA is on The Legal Genealogist‘s mind this morning.

DNABecause sitting across the coffee table from me is a representative of my mitochondrial line — my brother, who shares the same mtDNA that our mother received from our grandmother and our grandmother received from our great grandmother on back through the generations.

And he’s taking me to brunch at the Brown Palace.

So you will all understand when I keep this post short and sweet (because I’m drooling on my keyboard…) and confine myself to one key statement:

Remember the sales!!

Family Tree DNA has a sale on through 11:59 p.m. (Central time) on Tuesday, April 29th. The 37-marker YDNA tests — for the father-to-son paternal line — are 20% off. The sale price is $135.20, down from the usual $169. And specific YDNA SNP tests are also 20% off.

• And AncestryDNA has its autosomal (cousin-finder) DNA tests on sale only until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time tonight. The sale price is $79, down from the regular $99, and I hear tell there’s a coupon (enter FREESHIPDNA in the coupon code area) that’s good through May 12th to get the usual $9.95 shipping fee waived.

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