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Moments in time

Ever since The Legal Genealogist launched, in January of 2012, the one comment that’s been directed this way more than any other has been…

“Ditch the mug shot.”

So okay maybe the formal official photo is a bit of a mug shot. I mean, after all, the reason why it was taken in the first place was because I needed to renew my passport.1

And so okay maybe I’m a little older now.2

And so okay maybe I should update things.

But I really truly hate to have my picture taken. I’m usually the one taking the pictures, not the one whose picture is being taken.

Still, even my baby brother has been whining about this, and…

I broke down.

So… whaddaya think? In with the new, out with the old?


  1. Really. I wouldn’t kid you. Well, not about that, at any rate.
  2. Not that much. Be nice.
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