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Professional Management Conference a hit

Somewhat overshadowed by its bigger and noisier neighbor, the RootsTech conference that gets underway today, the Professional Management Conference of the Association of Professional Genealogists that concluded yesterday here in Salt Lake City was an absolute wonder.

More than 100 serious, dedicated professionals gathered for sessions ranging from Thomas W. Jones’ Variables in Professional Genealogists’ Approaches to Research and Overcoming Surprising Research Barriers — An Interactive Case Study to Thomas MacEntee’s Launching an Effective Marketing Campaign.

Tucked in between were folks like Elissa Scalise Powell with a workshop on The Best Educational Plan for You, Jean Wilcox Hibben on Organization for Genealogy Speakers, Lisa Louise Cooke on Video Marketing: Killer YouTube Strategies, and yours truly with a workshop Order in the Court: Hands-On with Court Records and More than the Begats: Using the Law to Spice Up a Research Report.

It was wonderful, it was exhilarating, it was impossible to sit in any session at any time without learning something important, and it all ran as smoothly as silk.

On my part, let me offer my thanks to APG for inviting me, my thanks to the attendees for their attention (and for helping me celebrate my brand-spanking-new Certified Genealogical Lecturer credential) and my strong recommendation to all — APG members or not — to think about next year’s APG PMC — an opportunity for professional education unequalled anywhere in the genealogical community.

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