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“Della is not well”

It will tear your heart out, that letter.

Written in February 1881, the young husband plaintively told his brother-in-law that his pregnant wife was ailing, that he had written to their in-laws, but hadn’t heard back.

You can almost touch his fear and his frustration in the words of that letter.

On that day in February 1881, H.J. Pratt was a 29- or 30-year-old bookkeeper who’d been born in England.1 His wife, Della — Lara or Laura Della Belle (Robertson) Pratt, the older sister of my great grandfather Jasper Robertson2 — had just turned 20 on the 15th of January.3

They were living in Hunt County, Texas, and she was pregnant with their first child.

“Was glad to hear from you,” H.J. wrote, on stationery of Lowenstein & Gee, a farm implements firm in Greenville, the Hunt County seat.4 The letter was addressed to “Friend Hendricks” — Amos Hendrix, husband of Mary Isabella (Robertson) Hendrix.5 Mary Isabella was just 18, the closest in age to Della.6

H.J. continued to write. “Also glad to hear you were in good health and doing well,” he said. “I cannot say that for us. Della is not well and seems to be getting worse.” 7

And, he said:

I have not heard from the old folks for some time. I cannot think what is the matter they don’t write. I have written several letters. A visit from them would do Della more good than any medicine I think. Can’t you spare time and come and see us. I cannot sell the (poney?) now. Tell Mr. Robertson to pay us a visit regardless of money or the weather.8

The old folks had to be Della’s parents, G.B. and Isabella (Gentry) Robertson, living in next door Delta County, Texas, with their three youngest children.9

We don’t know why G.B. and Isabella hadn’t answered their son-in-law’s letters. We don’t know what exactly was ailing Della. We don’t know if there were more, and more frantic, letters as the days dragged on and Della continued to ail. We don’t know if G.B. and Isabella ever made it to Greenville in those early days of 1881.

All we know for certain is that — 132 years ago tomorrow — on the 10th of March 1881, not even three weeks after H.J.’s plaintive plea, Della Pratt died in childbirth. The baby didn’t survive. Mother and infant daughter were buried together at the East Mount Cemetery in Greenville.10

There are no known photographs of Della (Robertson) Pratt. No features passed down, stamped on the faces of descendants. No letters she wrote, no diaries, nothing of hers.

Nothing but one letter, capturing for all time the love — and the fear — of a young husband whose pregnant wife was ailing, who had written to his in-laws, but hadn’t heard back.


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