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The 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year conference

What if you could attend a year-round genealogy conference with 136 hours of lectures to choose from (and more being added all the time), and it would cost you $50?

What if you could hear Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, Thomas MacEntee, DearMyrtle, Linda Woodward Geiger, Lisa Alzo, Marian Pierre-Louis and many others including (koff koff) The Legal Genealogist in that conference, and it would still only cost you $50?

What if you could hear every one of the lectures, without worrying about missing one because two speakers you wanted to hear were scheduled to speak at the same time, and it would still only cost you $50?

And what if you could attend that conference, with all those speakers and all of their lectures… and never change out of your PJs, and it would still only cost you $50?

Impossible? Not any more.

Legacy Family Tree launched its new Legacy Family Tree Webinars subscription service officially this morning, and here’s what it has to say about it:

Genealogists and family historians can now have anytime, anywhere and unlimited access to the nearly 100 recorded genealogy webinars and more than 350 pages of instructors’ handouts that have been part of the Legacy Family Tree Webinar series with their new website at

Access to the complete archives (over 136 hours of classes) is now available through an annual or monthly Webinar Membership at the introductory price of $49.95 (annually) or $9.95 (monthly). Watching the live, weekly webinars continues to be free (36 more are scheduled in 2013), and visitors are free to view recordings for one week after a live presentation. For Webinar Members, new recordings and handouts will be added monthly at no extra cost.

A leader in online genealogy education, the Legacy Family Tree Webinar series has been attended by researchers in more than 100 countries. “I’m excited to bring quality genealogy education into the homes of genealogists world-wide,” said Legacy Family Tree Webinars host, Geoff Rasmussen. “Genealogists from the most remote parts of the world have been able to learn from some of genealogy’s finest instructors because of these webinars. It’s been fun to help pioneer this technology for our industry.”

So what will you find if you subscribe?

Well, for starters, if you really are just starting out, try this trio:

     • Genealogy for Novices: Where Do We Begin? with Linda Woodward Geiger
     • Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners with Marian Pierre-Louis
     • Ten Brick Wall Tips for Intermediate Researchers with Marian Pierre-Louis

Or, if you’re more advanced, check these methodology presentations out:

     • Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence with … um… me
     • Pre-1850 U.S. Research Methodologies with Karen Clifford
     • What is a ‘Reasonably Exhaustive Search’? with Michael Hait
     • Plan Your Way to Research Success with Marian Pierre-Louis
     • The 5 C’s for Success in Genealogy Today with Barbara Renick
     • Reverse Genealogy: Finding the Living with Megan Smolenyak

Or, if you’re looking for international genealogy, you can choose from these:

     • Making the Most of Canadian Census Records with Kathryn Lake Hogan
     • Inheritance in Scotland – Wills, Testaments, and Land Records with Marie Dougan
     • Best Internet Resources for East European Genealogy with Lisa Alzo
     • Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics with Judith Eccles Wight
     • Researching Your Canadian Ancestors – an Overview with Claire V. Brisson-Banks
     • The Quest for your English Ancestors with Claire V. Brisson-Banks
     • Researching Your German Ancestors with Kory Meyerink

Or, if your ancestors came to America and you’re still trying to trace them, try these:

     • Beyond the Arrival Date: Extracting More from Passenger Lists with Lisa Alzo
     • Tracing Immigrant Ancestors with Lisa Alzo

Or, if you’re looking for technology-oriented presentations, there are these:

     • Wikis for Genealogists with Thomas MacEntee
     • Preserving Family Photographs: 1839 to the Present with Maureen Taylor
     • Digital Images for Genealogists and Technologists with Geoff Rasmussen
     • Blogging for Beginners with Dear MYRTLE
     • A Closer Look at Google+ with Dan Lynch
     • YouTube Your Family History with Devin Ashby

Or, if you just want to hear some of the best stories of genealogy, don’t miss these:

     • Annie Moore of Ellis Island – A Case of Historical Identity Theft with Megan Smolenyak
     • Neglected History with Megan Smolenyak

And these are just a sampler.

Now you can still register for individual Legacy Family Tree webinars for free, and you can still catch them for 10 days afterwards, all still free. You won’t get the handouts, and on the 11th day, the webinar isn’t available free any more. But it’s still a great way to access lots of information if you happen to have the time in that 10-day window. So you can still head over to this link to register for individual upcoming webinars. I’ve got three coming up myself this year that you can find on my presenter page:

     • That First Trip to the Courthouse, on April 10
     • How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists, on June 26
     • Using Court Records to tell the Story of our Ancestors’ Lives, on October 30

But for unlimited access to all of the past webinars — like my Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence — and all the ones to come — and the handouts, you can head over to this link to subscribe to the new service.


I get paid for doing presentations, whether for Legacy Family Tree or anybody else. My cats only let me do genealogy if it doesn’t interfere with my feeding them twice a day, cleaning their litterboxes, and paying the mortgage. And if you subscribe to this service and listen to one of my presentations, I’ll get paid a little bit more.

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