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After 108 hours

There’s something very strange about this morning.

For the first time since about 6:00 Monday night, October 29th, The Legal Genealogist‘s nose isn’t cold this morning.

And even though it was about 50 degrees in the house when I went to bed last night… and the overnight temps dropped into the 30s… the cats are no longer trying to burrow underneath the covers.

There is an odd set of red numbers flashing on the bedside clock.

And there’s an odd hissing sound from the radiator across the room.

There’s a little green light in the bottom right hand corner of the monitor control panel.

And … (gasp) … there are flashing lights on that wonderful device called a cable modem.

Dare I risk it?

Dare I go ahead and flip that switch?

Oh yes.

Let there be light.


The Legal Genealogist is back in business.

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