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DNA kit sale

If you’ve wanted to stick your toes into DNA testing waters, but missed the summer sale season, now’s your chance.

Family Tree DNA is having a 72-hour sale, today through Sunday, September 30, at midnight, with some really good prices on its autosomal test — Family Finder — and its full sequence mitochondrial DNA test.

If you’re not sure what test you might be interested in, here’s an overview of these test types:

     • Family Finder (FF): This test looks at autosomal DNA (atDNA)1 and it’s used primarily across genders to locate relatives — cousins — from all parts of a family tree. Both men and women can be tested.2 The likelihood of a match drops off from generation to generation, so where first and seconds cousins have an extremely high chance of matching each other, third cousins will match only 90% of the time, fourth cousins only about half the time, and fifth cousins only about 10% of the time.3 Your matches usually won’t share a surname so finding the common ancestor in your paper trail can be confusing and challenging, but oh boy is it terrific when you do!

     • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA): The mtDNA test offered here — called mtFullSequence (FMS) — looks at the type of DNA passed from a mother to all of her children — so both men and women can be tested — but that only daughters can pass on to their children, so it’s used to trace the female line.4 This type of DNA changes very little from generation to generation so matches can share a common female ancestor many generations back. The test looks at all of the mtDNA a person has and that dictates how close in generations you and a match may be: a match at the mtFullSequence level is likely within 16 generations. And you’ll get your female line haplogroup with this test.

For more information generally on these tests, see the Family Tree DNA Products and Pricing page.

These prices are good through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 30th, only, so if you want to get it on this, you need to act fast. Orders have to be placed and paid for before the sale ends.

Family Finder $289 $199
mtFullSequence $299 $199
FF + mtFullSequence $559 $398
Family Finder $289 $199
mtHVR1 to mtFullSequence $269 $199
mtHVR2 to mtFullSequence $239 $199
mtFullSequence $289 $199


Image: Open Clip Art Library, user gsagri04

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