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A victory for genealogists

The terms of use at, the newly-launched American flagship of Britain’s brightsolid online publishing, have been revised in significant ways to make them friendlier and less restrictive.

D. Joshua Taylor, Business Development Manager – North America for brightsolid online publishing, announced the change today in posts to Facebook and to the mail list of the Association for Professional Genealogists:

Over the past few days there has been considerable discussion surrounding the terms and conditions, specifically regarding their limitations on professional genealogists.

The findmypast team, both in North American and in the United Kingdom, starting working immediately to address the concerns of the professional community.

I am happy to report that we have just posted revisions to our terms and conditions which specifically allow for professional genealogists to use the site. In addition, these conditions allow screenshots and other elements of the site to be used in blogs, articles, and other items for educational purposes. You can view the revised terms and conditions at

Thank you again for your feedback and patience – the team is listening! Should you want to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me directly at

The Legal Genealogist wrote about the earlier, more restrictive terms of use at the newly-launched website in Tuesday’s blog post, Terms of use:

Among the key changes:

     • Where, before, the terms and conditions were limited to personal use only, the website now provides that “You can use the website for your own personal or professional use, e.g., to research your own family history or as a professional genealogist to perform research for you or others.”

     • Where, before, the terms and conditions expressly prohibited any use of any image for any public purpose, the website now provides that “You may however use screenshots of our website for blog postings, articles and presentations for informational and educational purposes. If you are a professional generalist (as defined above) you may also use the records or features in preparing unpublished reports for clients.”

Big changes, and a big help for all genealogists.

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