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Upcoming speaking events

There are two upcoming events where I’m going to be speaking that require a little bit of advance planning. Well, a little bit in one case and maybe a little bit more advance planning in the other case.

So I’m going to depart from the usual routine today so that I can get the word out in plenty of time to all six or seven of my adoring fans. (Okay, so those are my brothers and sisters, but what the heck… you take adoring fans where you can get them!)

Legacy Family Tree Webinar, August 29

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. EDT (1 p.m. CDT, noon MDT and 11 a.m. PDT), Legacy Family Tree is giving us all a chance to explore how to go about Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence. When there’s no birth certificate, no death certificate, no marriage certificate and the surname is No. 37 on the Top 1,000 American Surnames list, just how do you begin to connect a 19th century Texan to his 18th century North Carolina parents? Join me for this in-depth review of taking this bit of evidence from here and that bit of evidence from there to put together a family using circumstantial evidence.

The advance planning? You need to register. It’s free, but the number of “seats” in the webinar are limited. So you want to register sooner rather than later. You can either use this direct link to register, or head on over to the Legacy Family Tree Webinars website and check out the entire Legacy line-up of amazing speakers — Megan Smolenyak, Marian Pierre Louis, Thomas MacEntee, Michael Hait CG — the list goes on and on. These are terrific free webinars and if you missed one there are low cost recordings of past presentations, too.

Genealogy Event, New York City, October 26-27

I’ll also be speaking in October at The Genealogy Event in New York City, once on Friday the 26th and once on Saturday the 27th, on The ABCs of DNA. We’ll do a whirlwind tour of the three major DNA tests for genealogists — Y-DNA (tracing the paternal line), mitochondrial DNA (tracing the maternal line) and autosomal DNA (finding cousins and deep ancestry).

The advance planning for this one? You need to buy tickets. A one-day ticket is $15, a two-day ticket is $25, and for $30 you also get the Apron to Past talk and tasting — where food meets history! There’s a direct link for ticket purchases or you can stop by The Genealogy Event website and learn more before hitting the Click Here to Get Tickets button.

This should be a lot of fun — two days, short powerful presentations and an exhibition hall where exhibitors will include; the Association of Professional Genealogists; Boston University Center for Professional Education; Criminal Research Press; Echo Road; Family Tree Magazine; German Genealogy Group; Irish Family History Forum; Irish Ancestry Research Centre; Legacy Roots; Moorshead Publishing; National Genealogical Society; New York Genealogical & Biographical Society; Our Familyology; Photo Detective; RumbleSoft;; Stories to Tell; Time Stories — so far.

Come on out, online or in person, and join me!

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