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No April Fool’s Joke: 1940 Census

     IT’S HERE!!!

It’s here. It’s here. It’s here.

No, I’m not excited or anything. Not me…

Now… having said that it’s here… let me add that it’s buggy as all get out for the launch. The system is set up with a certain number of “seats” in the online queue, and with a structure that gears up if more users log in. Well, I can assure you, it wasn’t geared up for as many of us as were standing by this morning! The influx at and just before 9 a.m. didn’t crash the system… but that’s about all that can be said for it.

Here are my Texas grandparents in Midland County, and look at the blasted supplemental question!! Who got snagged? My then one-year-old Uncle Michael! Sigh…

1940 Midland County TX census -- and my grandparents!

Definitely cool stuff…

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