2011 - Ocean County (NJ) Genealogical Society

Using Court Records to Tell the Story of Our Ancestors' Lives

"Presenter was excellent. Knew her material well & presented in an interesting and upbeat manner which kept one's interest and attention. Would love to hear other topics she has to speak on."


"The presentation was absolutely enlightening. Information was well presented in a very colorful way. Paying attention was extremely easy. Judy made it not only interesting but wanting to see what she had to offer next."


"Very informative, entertaining, kept my interest throughout. Presentation flowed well. Slides were well-organized."


"I actually obtained the knowledge I needed to locate testimony given by a 2 great grandfather in 1876!"


2011 - Leisure Village West (NJ) Genealogy Club

How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists

"A lot of good information. She spoke in English and not in legal terms. Made it easy to understand."


"Excellent presentation. I came prepared to be bored. Wow! Really opened up my eyes & I will be a better researcher now. Held my attention the whole time -- which is rare for me."


"One of the best presentations in months."


"The speaker was excellent. The slides were done very well and in sync with the presentation, not distracting."