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The virtual type, for genealogists What are you doing tomorrow? And Thursday? All day? For free? The Legal Genealogist knows what you should be doing — and what I’ll be doing. I’m going to be attending the U.S. National Archives … Continue reading

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Today, right now In case you woke up on another planet this morning, it’s Father’s Day today. The day to celebrate all of the fathers in all of our families. Which means we’re down to a matter of hours to … Continue reading

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150 years ago today Let us all stop at some point in our busy lives today for a moment of silence. Today, 3 April 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the fall of Richmond. The account of the hours from … Continue reading

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That and $2.29 = coffee It’s another one of those things that comes up all the time in genetic genealogy. Someone, somewhere, will tell you that you don’t really need to do YDNA testing — the kind of DNA test … Continue reading

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My nephew Tim He is The Legal Genealogist‘s hero. He is smart. He is funny. And he has the heart of a lion. He is my nephew Tim, and he is one of four family members recorded in my genealogy … Continue reading

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Travel then and now It isn’t often that The Legal Genealogist reads something and then stops dead. But sitting on a transcontinental airplane yesterday, cruising along at 30,000+ feet, reading news and commentary on my laptop with an onboard wifi … Continue reading

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Join in the fun live or virtually It’s one of the biggest Events, with a capital letter, each year in genealogy. And it’s happening next week. It’s RootsTech, the fourth annual “global family history event where people of all ages … Continue reading

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