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Or fowl, really There it is, in black and white. Set out in the Texas statutes of 1879. So The Legal Genealogist is off today on another road trip… starting off in the Lone Star State of Texas… provided it … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not It was a perfectly ordinary business deal, in Vermont in October of 1830. A man named Lyons bought a horse from a man named Strong. Lyons had ridden and tried the mare out, and Strong had said … Continue reading

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South Carolina’s Vagrant Act So… the South lost the Civil War, the Union marched its troops in, the slaves were freed, the freedmen and women were given equal treatment under the law, and everything everywhere was hunky dory. Um… no. … Continue reading

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Military naturalizations It’s a single volume in the records of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Volume 122, it is, of the naturalization records of the court.1 On the left hand inside cover is … Continue reading

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Missouri law and the rivers Let the river run Let all the dreamers Wake the nation – Carly Simon – Let The River Run. It seems like the whole genealogical world has converged on St. Charles, Missouri, for the 2015 … Continue reading

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Missouri’s bad boys statute So the genealogical world — or at least the United States contingent — descends in force on St. Charles, Missouri, this week for the 2015 conference of the National Genealogical Society. There are preliminary events taking … Continue reading

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The election When Alexander J. Taylor died in Kent County, Delaware, in September 1881, he left everything — everything — to his widow, Wilhelmina W. Taylor. He left her in charge of his estate. He left her in charge of … Continue reading

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Primary School Lands In June of 1883, the administrator of the estate of George Arlt, deceased, reported to the Probate Court for the County of Presque Isle, Michigan, that he had been successful in selling a piece of property belonging … Continue reading

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The pony homesteads Tucked away in the records of Elbert County, Georgia, are some of the neatest genealogical records imaginable. In them, you can find that, in January 1874, Garnett Adams was the head of a family consisting of himself, … Continue reading

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To be judged the reputed father Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that The Legal Genealogist is a huge fan of Michael D. Lacopo’s compelling story of identifying his grandfather, his mother’s father, through an amazing combination of genealogical … Continue reading

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