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The price tag for cheaters They didn’t really mean that, did they? The Legal Genealogist is probably more at home in those old statute books than most folks. I certainly poke around in them more than most folks do. But … Continue reading

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The widow Ann’s choice You’d think by now The Legal Genealogist would know that if there is anything that’s important to another genealogist… It’s the rest of the story. Doesn’t matter that there’s a lesson to be learned in dealing … Continue reading

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in Lieu of her right of dower When Samuel Wilkison of Orange County, New York, wrote his last will and testament in September 1866, there was one thing about which he was abundantly clear. His wife Ann wasn’t to have … Continue reading

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Virginia’s“ place of liberty and priviledge” From the earliest days of colonial Virginia — a main ancestral home of The Legal Genealogist and the destination for this week’s adventure (at the Fall Fair of the Fairfax Genealogical Society) — residents … Continue reading

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Dueling administrators Oh, the tales the court records tell… And it doesn’t really matters whose court records or where or why… there is always a story to be told. For some reason, The Legal Genealogist ended up poking around in … Continue reading

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Not the only, not even the first Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about the Salem witch trials. Seriously, The Legal Genealogist knows tomorrow is Halloween, and everybody goes a little bit Salem-witch-trial crazy around this time of year. But … Continue reading

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Fort Pitt, Virginia? Here’s a trivia question for you. Assume that a soldier was carried as a sergeant on the rolls of Colonel Campbell’s Company, 13th Virginia Regiment, on a company muster roll dated 5 April 1779 at Fort Pitt. … Continue reading

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For good beer! It was a good year, 1722, in the Province of Pennsylvania. The Legal Genealogist is sure of that, having spent yesterday evening deep in the pages of the Pennsylvania Statutes at Large. Yes, there’s another trip coming … Continue reading

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Hoosier crimes In anticipation of this weekend’s Genealogy & Local History Fair at the Indiana State Library — a whole day focusing on “Crime and Punishment in Indiana” — The Legal Genealogist spent some time last night poking around in … Continue reading

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That Indiana writ In 1838, at the end of its 22nd session, the Indiana Legislature authorized and published the Revised Statutes of the State of Indiana. Published by Douglass & Noel, Printers, in Indianapolis, the laws were arranged, compiled, and … Continue reading

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