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One hundred years ago… By this time tomorrow, The Legal Genealogist will be standing in Pearl, Mississippi. Pearl. On the Pearl River. In Rankin County. Where my third great grandfather once rode circuit as a Methodist Episcopal preacher and where … Continue reading

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The stories in the law book There are always stories to be found in those dusty old law books. Sometimes the most powerful and compelling stories of all. And all we need to do is look for them. Case in … Continue reading

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Nope, it’s NOT all online There’s a really interesting statute that was passed by the Mississippi legislature in 1819, dealing with the licensing of physicians and surgeons. None of us, The Legal Genealogist included, tend to think of medical licensing … Continue reading

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And the question of the children In the middle of the 18th century, a young man from Germany named Jacob Snyder (probably Schneider originally) came to America to make his fortune. Family researchers said he came over as an indentured … Continue reading

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It wasn’t always a holiday In keeping with The Legal Genealogist‘s after-Christmas tradition, this post (a reprise from years past), has a question for you: Did you have a good Christmas holiday? And, with apologies to all of our first … Continue reading

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Locking up the witness It’s a natural human phenomenon: we all tend to root for the underdog. That was driven home this week after Monday’s blog post about a rather gruesome murder in Arkansas Territory that came to The Legal … Continue reading

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Oh, the stories in those books So you start out reading a statute book of some of the very first laws in a jurisdiction, and practically the first thing you come across is a special law authorizing the movement of … Continue reading

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The price tag for cheaters They didn’t really mean that, did they? The Legal Genealogist is probably more at home in those old statute books than most folks. I certainly poke around in them more than most folks do. But … Continue reading

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The widow Ann’s choice You’d think by now The Legal Genealogist would know that if there is anything that’s important to another genealogist… It’s the rest of the story. Doesn’t matter that there’s a lesson to be learned in dealing … Continue reading

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in Lieu of her right of dower When Samuel Wilkison of Orange County, New York, wrote his last will and testament in September 1866, there was one thing about which he was abundantly clear. His wife Ann wasn’t to have … Continue reading

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