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Paid to “loyal” owners It was February 1864. The war had dragged on for nearly three years. And both sides were desperately concerned about one irreplaceable resource: manpower. Southern conscription laws, bitterly resisted by some Confederate states, had gone into … Continue reading

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The maybe-the-clue-is-there document Reader Jane Mackesy was delighted to locate the 1877 naturalization petition of one William Atchison, a man she thinks could be her second great grandfather, and language in the petition gave her hope that she might be … Continue reading

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That other death certificate The question popped up on a Facebook group, and a reader promptly alerted The Legal Genealogist to this most interesting issue. Why would a death certificate be issued by the State of Montana when the person … Continue reading

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APG PMC SLC The law had a bang-up day yesterday at the APG PMC in SLC. And if you don’t know what those initials stand for, you’re really missing out. APG is the Association of Professional Genealogists.1 There’s a ton … Continue reading

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More on the law of strays Okay, so The Legal Genealogist is having some fun with this topic, but hey… if you can’t have fun with a blog on genealogy and the law, where can you have fun? Don’t answer … Continue reading

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The issue of the strays Reader Teresa Kahle was puzzled by some early New England records reflecting the handling of stray animals. “In Suffolk Deeds, I’m seeing many notices regarding the finding of stray animals like cows and horses,” she … Continue reading

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It wasn’t always a holiday Here’s The Legal Genealogist‘s day-after-Christmas question for you: Did you have a good Christmas holiday yesterday? And, with apologies to all of our first responders and health workers and others who did have to go … Continue reading

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Why not a statute? So reader John D. of Louisiana tossed an email to The Legal Genealogist yesterday after reading about the creation of land offices in the Northwest Territory and the requirement that federal officials involved in those land … Continue reading

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What’s that called? Reader and friend Larry Head was doing what The Legal Genealogist so often recommends — poking around the statute books — when he realized that he wasn’t entirely sure what to call something he was coming across … Continue reading

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Re-recording history So The Legal Genealogist is in the last stages of preparing for a really fun webinar, taking place later today, sponsored by the Friends of the National Archives-Southeast Region. It’s called “Inventing America – Records of the U.S. … Continue reading

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