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Help in finding the laws Okay, The Legal Genealogist has a quick quiz for you: How do most genealogists refer to the law that allowed settlers to get federal land if they filed some paperwork and then lived on the … Continue reading

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Following the clues in the land records The land, the federal land records show, was originally earned by the soldiers. George Gordon, Private, Captain Hotchkiss’ Company, Massachusetts Militia, War of 1812. He was the warrant holder on 160 acres of … Continue reading

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Constitution Day 2014 It is The Legal Genealogist‘s mantra: To understand the records, we have to understand the law that created them. But somehow that seems awfully far removed from a lofty document like the Constitution of the United States, … Continue reading

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Go directly to judgment On Saturday, the 13th of October 1877, a Chicago newspaper reported on a number of court cases, including a couple that caught the eye of reader Linda Vert when she came across the notice. The first … Continue reading

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A day for research Hard to believe it is Labor Day already! Where has 2014 gone? Kids back in school, days growing shorter… fall is right around the corner. As genealogists, we may all appreciate Labor Day as a day … Continue reading

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98 years of National Parks It is a most unprepossessing piece of legislation, the act that appears in volume 39 of the U.S. Statutes at Large. It begins, mundanely, by noting that it was “enacted by the Senate and House … Continue reading

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A matter of definition When is an inmate not an inmate? Or, more accurately, when is an inmate not the kind of inmate we might expect? Not, that is, a prisoner. And the answer is: much of the time. In … Continue reading

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A walk through early law Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The Legal Genealogist knows already yet. You’re tired of hearing it. Sounds like a broken record. To understand the records, we must understand the law, in the time and at the … Continue reading

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Federal rulemaking So yesterday The Legal Genealogist mentioned some of the major resources for federal legal research that genealogists might need to know. Little minor details, y’know, like the Constitution and the statutes.1 And, almost immediately, reader Dick Belz lamented … Continue reading

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Digitizing law dictionaries The Legal Genealogist‘s absolute all-time favorite law-related blog is In Custodia Legis, the blog of the Law Library of Congress. Its content is an eclectic mix, with reports on upcoming legal presentations or conferences, a regular pictures … Continue reading

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