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Survival of records It is rarely the case, even in the worst of records disasters, that all is lost. Yes, the courthouse may have burned, but some records usually survived, and people often came back in after the fire to … Continue reading

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Getting off the beaten track One of the great joys of traveling around the country speaking about genealogical topics is having that hour, here and there, to take a look at the vast resources and records that exist tucked away … Continue reading

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And free to boot Most of the time, when The Legal Genealogist writes about copyright, it’s to say there’s a reason why some things — images, documents, whatever — can’t be used freely in our genealogy. Usually there’s someone out … Continue reading

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225 years worth of records “Laws are like sausages — it is best not to see them being made.” So the saying goes, attributed — wrongly — to Otto von Bismarck1 but surely resonating with 21st century Americans. American approval … Continue reading

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Just one county’s courts Time and time again, somebody says it — proudly: “I got the county court records on microfilm!” And then looks absolutely blank when The Legal Genealogist asks the follow-up question: “So… when are you going to … Continue reading

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Nothing to do with the law So The Legal Genealogist was poking around in some old records again and came across an estate inventory listing a gorget. A gorget. Sure, I have one of those in my … kitchen? My … Continue reading

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Where oh where can the records be? Reader Chris from New Jersey was busily researching a family from the Garden State when up popped a question. A member of this family had been killed in an automobile accident in New … Continue reading

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Great chance to learn about immigration & naturalization Ordinarily, when The Legal Genealogist finds out about a great new opportunity to learn about genealogy, passing it on to readers is the first priority. But when space is limited on a … Continue reading

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Records of lawyers in the Sunflower State Reader Margel Walker Soderberg wants to know more about the father and grandfather who both practiced law in Kansas. “You have helped with questions of law but what about records for lawyers,” she … Continue reading

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Finding resources So one question from yesterday’s Legacy Family Tree webinar, The Ties That Bond, keeps coming up. Where, oh where, can I find those bonds? Marriage bonds, bastardy bonds, official bonds, appearance and bail bonds — they’re all among … Continue reading

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