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The stories in the law book There are always stories to be found in those dusty old law books. Sometimes the most powerful and compelling stories of all. And all we need to do is look for them. Case in … Continue reading

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Nope, it’s NOT all online There’s a really interesting statute that was passed by the Mississippi legislature in 1819, dealing with the licensing of physicians and surgeons. None of us, The Legal Genealogist included, tend to think of medical licensing … Continue reading

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New Texas Digital Archive launches Okay, so the headline of today’s post is a little misleading. The Legal Genealogist — daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter of Texans born and bred — really is well aware of many of the fabulous … Continue reading

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NYPL offers high-res options The Legal Genealogist is heading off to Salt Lake City later today, in advance of next week’s Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), but can’t leave without taking a quick moment to highlight a brand-new announcement … Continue reading

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Ordering applications from the SSA Yesterday’s blog post about what may and may not have been recorded in an application for a Social Security number — the SS-5 form — prompted a rash of questions about ordering the form, how … Continue reading

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Just how good will the info be? A great question came in yesterday from reader Jon Federman — and boy, does it need an answer everyone can see. It has to do with the information recorded on the SS-5 — … Continue reading

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A resource for territorial research There’s nothing The Legal Genealogist likes better than a first-class online source of legal information that’s useful in researching family history. Except maybe having a reader tell me about one I hadn’t known about before. … Continue reading

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The end of slavery, the beginning of records Thirty-two words. That’s all. Oh, the whole thing is 43 words if you add the second section that gave Congress the power to enforce the first section. But it was those first … Continue reading

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Looking at all the images The Legal Genealogist has heard it more than once. “Why do you bother,” the question goes, “adding information in a citation that says whether the image was on one website or another website? After all, … Continue reading

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We’re getting the interactive maps back! It was back in July when The Legal Genealogist made what was then a common trek out onto the ethernet to one of the sites that, to a genealogist, is simply indispensable. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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