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AAS terms of use The American Antiquarian Society. Sounds like something out of the far distant past, doesn’t it? But it is, instead, an historical library with a forward-thinking view of access to information that makes it — pure and … Continue reading

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For the ease of finding my ancestors’ land Those who, like The Legal Genealogist, have ancestors from what are called the state land states know the pain of trying to identify a land parcel that is described as beginning at … Continue reading

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Your own, that is… There is nothing like it in this world. Nothing that quite compares to the feeling any genealogist has, sitting there, holding in your hand, a piece of your own family history. And thanks to the Texas … Continue reading

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Just lovely They are truly gorgeous records. Every last word so carefully formed, so very legible, so clear, so crisply written. It makes you want to kiss the Clerk, whoever he was who so carefully recorded each and every one … Continue reading

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One more set identified As those who joined The Legal Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree Webinars yesterday for “Martha Benschura: Enemy Alien” know now, when the United States entered World War I, a new rule was imposed on citizens of … Continue reading

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Military naturalizations It’s a single volume in the records of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Volume 122, it is, of the naturalization records of the court.1 On the left hand inside cover is … Continue reading

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Missouri’s bad boys statute So the genealogical world — or at least the United States contingent — descends in force on St. Charles, Missouri, this week for the 2015 conference of the National Genealogical Society. There are preliminary events taking … Continue reading

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The pony homesteads Tucked away in the records of Elbert County, Georgia, are some of the neatest genealogical records imaginable. In them, you can find that, in January 1874, Garnett Adams was the head of a family consisting of himself, … Continue reading

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To be judged the reputed father Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that The Legal Genealogist is a huge fan of Michael D. Lacopo’s compelling story of identifying his grandfather, his mother’s father, through an amazing combination of genealogical … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the appeals One of the most powerful sources of genealogical information on the face of the earth is the military pension file. Chock full of detail on everything from the military service of the soldier or sailor himself … Continue reading

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