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The anniversary questions The Legal Genealogist surely wasn’t surprised that they got divorced. My parents — who married 67 years ago today — were as different as chalk and cheese. He was formal German immigrant. She was folksy U.S. southern … Continue reading

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One we lost Name: Willie, perhaps Wilhemina, but more likely just plain Willie. Born: 11 January 1895, most likely Provo, Utah. Died: most likely, March 1896. Buried: most likely, March 1896, City Cemetery, Provo Utah. Not much to tell the … Continue reading

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The January wedding It would have been cold there in those mountains, that January day, so long ago. Western North Carolina, tight up against the Tennessee border, is starkly beautiful in the winter. What was then Yancey and is now … Continue reading

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Christmas fairness Children, the psychologists will tell us, are egocentric. Self-focused. Even selfish. Always thinking “I” rather than “we.” But whether the psychologists are right or wrong, there’s one thing The Legal Genealogist is sure of: whenever there’s a group … Continue reading

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Now there is one It really hurt, that Christmas, when it hit home, forcefully, that I could not send flowers to my mother. I had sent them for years at Christmas time, something to brighten up the house. But that … Continue reading

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Without fail This is the time of the year when our thoughts turn to holidays and holiday traditions. In some families, the kids went Christmas caroling. In some families, the kids played with dreidels and lit the candles of the … Continue reading

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A cousin! Occasionally, The Legal Genealogist simply feels snakebit. Part of it comes from having southern ancestors. My entire maternal side comes from south of the Mason-Dixon line. You know, that part of the country where people lived far enough … Continue reading

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Another Battles match The Legal Genealogist has said it before and will (I devoutly hope) say it again and again: I love cousins. I especially love cousins who are willing to donate just that little bit of themselves that allows … Continue reading

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Not 143 years ago today It ain’t necessarily so It ain’t necessarily so The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble To read in de Bible, It ain’t necessarily so. – Ira Gershwin, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” There is a Family Bible owned … Continue reading

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Losing another cousin Susan Hodges Payne Cosner Demitry. 13 July 1954. 15 November 2014. What can I begin to say about those years? How do I begin to say goodbye? How do I begin to describe the twinkling eyes, the … Continue reading

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