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The fallen heroes In so many ways, The Legal Genealogist is so fortunate. Not one of my direct ancestors — not a single one that I know of — fell in battle. Or died of wounds. Or even, for whatever … Continue reading

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Putting names to faces A little less of a mystery. A little more of one. Until last night they were, simply, Gretel and Adelheid. I knew that they were sisters to my grandmother — children of Carsten H. W. Nuckel … Continue reading

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No words needed This is, by far, The Legal Genealogist‘s favorite photograph, ever. My mother and her granddaughter Hannah. Since it’s DNA Sunday, the subtitle can be “my mitochondrial DNA…” Happy Mother’s Day.

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So much we don’t know She is far more of a mystery than it seems she should be, having lived into the 20th century. Born in North Carolina, likely Burke County, 183 years ago today, Martha Louisa (Baker) Cottrell was … Continue reading

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For my history, my records, my people The Legal Genealogist is in Georgia today, at the spring conference of the Georgia Genealogical Society — “Your Ancestors and the Law.” We’re going to talk about private laws, African-American research, our family … Continue reading

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Welcome to the club Ben Affleck was “embarrassed” to discover that he had slaveowning ancestors. “The very thought left a bad taste in (his) mouth.”1 No foolin’. That’s about the reaction all of us would have — should have — … Continue reading

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What the pages don’t quite say She was born, the records tell us, at 5 p.m. on 11 August 1857, at home at Buntenthorsteinweg Nr. 113 in the City of Bremen, Germany. Her father, Carsten Hinrich Wilhelm Sievers, was shown … Continue reading

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Of brothers and sisters Yesterday, The Legal Genealogist is told, was National Siblings Day. And there is no-one who knows us as well… no-one as close a friend or as deadly an enemy… no-one who understands the shared history, the … Continue reading

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How do the errors grow? So… there it is, big and bold as brass in The Legal Genealogist‘s database. Baker, Mary Almira. Born 2 April 1854 in Iowa to David Davenport Baker and his wife (and half-first-cousin) Mary (Baker) Baker. … Continue reading

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RIP little cousin He was just a little boy, just two days past his sixth birthday. And he died a horrible death. What today would be a preventable death. Ralph Livingston of Hollister, Oklahoma, was The Legal Genealogist‘s first cousin … Continue reading

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