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RIP Totsy Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 17 years already. And sometimes it feels like it’s been forever. Seventeen years. It was a Friday, April 23rd, 17 years ago. And my family was waking up to the … Continue reading

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We know, in The Legal Genealogist’s family, what seems like so very much about my fourth great grandparents, William and Elizabeth (Jones) Buchanan. We know, for example, that they were married in Rutherford County, North Carolina, 223 years ago today,1 … Continue reading

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Such memories, so long after It was a death in the family 107 years ago. And it rocked The Legal Genealogist‘s kin. Perhaps not exactly today, though today does mark the 107th anniversary of the death. News of that death, … Continue reading

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So many losses… His name was Hans, and he was born 90 years ago today. He was the son of Gerhard Nuckel and Lina Sophie Henriette Blanke,1 who were married in Bremen, Germany, in May of 1922.2 And so he … Continue reading

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How does the conundrum grow? So… did you play along with The Legal Genealogist and about half of the entire community of genealogists on Facebook this week in creating a color-coded chart of your ancestors’ birthplaces? There are templates available … Continue reading

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Senior status??? In the lifetime of The Legal Genealogist, as in the lifetime of anyone whose time has spanned parts of both the 20th and 21st centuries, there have been birthdays… and then there have been birthdays. Birthdays like the … Continue reading

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Shew me the Shews! It’s been on The Legal Genealogist‘s Christmas list for years now: the hope that DNA might provide some evidence to take one particular family line back a bit further than we’ve been able to do so … Continue reading

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The great mumps epidemic of 1962 The Legal Genealogist is of That Age. You know the age I mean. The age where we had everything — and I mean everything — as kids. I had, in no particular order and … Continue reading

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And dust to dust It is January in Utah. Cold, overcast, winds with a nip to them, little wisps of snow every so often that bounce off of coats and gloves and add highlights to hair. The Legal Genealogist is … Continue reading

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Looking back to 2015, forward to 2016 Stories in The Legal Genealogist‘s family take us back a long way in America on the maternal side and in Germany on the paternal side. Stories that begin, in this country, in the … Continue reading

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