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Shew me the Shews! It’s been on The Legal Genealogist‘s Christmas list for years now: the hope that DNA might provide some evidence to take one particular family line back a bit further than we’ve been able to do so … Continue reading

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The great mumps epidemic of 1962 The Legal Genealogist is of That Age. You know the age I mean. The age where we had everything — and I mean everything — as kids. I had, in no particular order and … Continue reading

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And dust to dust It is January in Utah. Cold, overcast, winds with a nip to them, little wisps of snow every so often that bounce off of coats and gloves and add highlights to hair. The Legal Genealogist is … Continue reading

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Looking back to 2015, forward to 2016 Stories in The Legal Genealogist‘s family take us back a long way in America on the maternal side and in Germany on the paternal side. Stories that begin, in this country, in the … Continue reading

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Most meaningful family posts of the year Here we are, in the last days of 2015, when The Legal Genealogist tries to take a moment and reflect. Especially here on the last Saturday of the year, when I can look … Continue reading

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A new great uncle … and cousins! It is one of the very few of its kind in The Legal Genealogist‘s possession. One of those near-mythical objects I hear about from so many other researchers. It’s a family photograph… with … Continue reading

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Marriage first, except … Okay, The Legal Genealogist would like to try to get something across to the family. My family. Really, guys, it’s supposed to work like this: you meet, you fall in love, you marry and you have … Continue reading

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With just a few problems It is a lovely obituary, rich in the kind of detail that warms a genealogist’s heart. Cousin to The Legal Genealogist‘s mother, Mattie (Cottrell) Berens died in January 1980 in Mobridge, Walworth County, South Dakota, … Continue reading

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Those forgotten other names She was married 109 years ago today, in the City of Chicago, Cook, County, Illinois. Hattie Geisler — oldest sister of The Legal Genealogist‘s grandfather Hugo Ernst Geissler — was married on this date 109 years … Continue reading

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A memory of a touch It is, sometimes, the little things that mean the most. That stick with you the longest. That become the memories you cherish for a lifetime. The Legal Genealogist has a ton of relatives, courtesy of … Continue reading

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