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Looking beyond mere geography The Legal Genealogist would never have thought of going to Philadelphia to research her North Carolina ancestors. Or to consider in more detail the death of George Washington at his beloved estate Mount Vernon in northern … Continue reading

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… and they could have figured it out… As genealogists, we learn to use all kinds of tools in our research. We use land records and probate records. We seek out court minutes from dustry corners of old courthouses and … Continue reading

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Always go for the originals So The Legal Genealogist is chasing ancestors through the courthouses of Texas this week, and ran into something yesterday that was just a little surprising. It shouldn’t have been, really — the telltale signs really … Continue reading

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Even those vanity books Yes, of course, those local histories are mostly vanity books. You know the ones I mean. Some of them are prepared by the local Historical Society or local Historical Commission and their primary purpose is to … Continue reading

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Jade: “Every event has its context” So a comment came in to the blog this morning that’s simply too good to just sit in the comments section, where oftentimes folks who’ve already read a blog post won’t see it. Reader … Continue reading

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The maybe-the-clue-is-there document Reader Jane Mackesy was delighted to locate the 1877 naturalization petition of one William Atchison, a man she thinks could be her second great grandfather, and language in the petition gave her hope that she might be … Continue reading

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Two certificates, or more It never fails. Finish a blog post, get it posted, sit back, and somebody is sure to do it. Somebody will remind The Legal Genealogist of questions that woulda-coulda-shoulda been addressed the first time around. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Not 143 years ago today It ain’t necessarily so It ain’t necessarily so The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble To read in de Bible, It ain’t necessarily so. – Ira Gershwin, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” There is a Family Bible owned … Continue reading

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At the Library of Virginia There is so much that The Legal Genealogist could say about this wonderful weekend in Virginia. I could start with a great big “Thank You!” to the Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia (GRIVA) for serving … Continue reading

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Sometimes we just have to The Legal Genealogist‘s light reading just before setting off for this trip to Oregon for the Genealogical Forum of Oregon’s fall seminar was the current issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly (NGSQ). It’s one … Continue reading

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