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SSN follow-ups Yesterday’s post about Social Security numbers brought in a flurry of information tidbits and additional questions… all of which are too good to leave in the comments section. So… The tidbits. First, from Ancestry‘s Chad R. Milliner, the … Continue reading

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The consciousness of its Secretary of State, at least Another major genealogical collection is under major and imminent threat of being lost — this time in Arizona. Unless something changes — and fast — the Arizona State Library Genealogy Collection … Continue reading

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Your voice is needed! The Legal Genealogist has a second great grandfather whose first appearance in the public records that we can locate anywhere is in the marriage books of Colorado County, Republic of Texas. His second appearance is when … Continue reading

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Bring back the interactive map, please! There are a few sites that, to a genealogist, are simply indispensable. If The Legal Genealogist absolutely had to, I could live without some of the sites that are in my genealogy toolbar, or … Continue reading

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Have you bookmarked JSTOR Daily yet? Back in October 2014, The Legal Genealogist discovered something all genealogists have to add to their reading list. It’s called JSTOR Daily, it’s irresistable — and it’s packed with great information.1 Including information written … Continue reading

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Protecting yourself from it It’s a sad day when even genealogists are affected by hackers. The Legal Genealogist opened her email accounts this morning and there at the top of the inbox was an email from a genealogist friend. “Incoming … Continue reading

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…aren’t always free Genealogists love the word free. Records that are free. Websites that are free. Anything that’s free. And sometimes we’re a little annoyed when some of the things we want aren’t free. But — alas — the bills … Continue reading

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IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America, WHEN in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and … Continue reading

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AAS terms of use The American Antiquarian Society. Sounds like something out of the far distant past, doesn’t it? But it is, instead, an historical library with a forward-thinking view of access to information that makes it — pure and … Continue reading

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Saying thank you in a tangible way The best things in life aren’t free. At least some of them aren’t. At least not to everyone. Case in point: Cyndi’s List. This amazing resource and research tool has been available to … Continue reading

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