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Library at risk in budget cuts One of Indiana’s great treasures, of immense value to genealogists, is on the political chopping block. Will you join The Legal Genealogist in speaking out against a proposal to kill the Genealogy Department at … Continue reading

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One last bit of bragging The Legal Genealogist has had an awful lot of good news here lately. There was the inclusion in the American Bar Association Journal‘s “Blawg 100” list for the second year in a row.1 And then … Continue reading

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You snooze, you lose It’s that time of year again. Time to set the alarm, warm up the mouse hand and get ready. Because if you don’t move fast at a designated time tomorrow, the 20th of January, you’re going … Continue reading

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Thanking UGA and a whole team Saturday here at The Legal Genealogist is the time to talk about family stories and history. But occasionally it’s time to record The Legal Genealogist‘s own family story and history. And today is a … Continue reading

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APG PMC SLC The law had a bang-up day yesterday at the APG PMC in SLC. And if you don’t know what those initials stand for, you’re really missing out. APG is the Association of Professional Genealogists.1 There’s a ton … Continue reading

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Thank you for your support Once again, the genealogists beat out the lawyers. Once again, it was a genealogy blog, rather than a strictly law blog, that took the top honors in vote-getting1 in the niche category of the prestigious … Continue reading

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Not legal advice! So many reader questions come in that are beyond what The Legal Genealogist can answer in this blog, because they’re asking for legal advice. Um… that’s not what this blog is all about. Not what this blog … Continue reading

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Speaking out in 2015 Here’s the shocker of 2015 for you, right here on the first of the year. Ready? Here goes. The Legal Genealogist… a genealogist with a law degree… a graduate school educator… You think maybe I like … Continue reading

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The top five Sometimes The Legal Genealogist just gets tickled by something. Sometimes it’s just that the piece means more to me than most. Sometimes readers agree with me. And sometimes the post languishes down in the lesser-reads. But you, … Continue reading

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Top 10 non-DNA posts of 2014 So, yesterday, The Legal Genealogist began the year-end retrospective with a look at your favorite posts, as readers, when it came to DNA and its use in genealogy. Today, we look at the top … Continue reading

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