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Standing with Boston Let this be a day of joy and accomplishment and, above all else, of peace in Boston.

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Survival of records It is rarely the case, even in the worst of records disasters, that all is lost. Yes, the courthouse may have burned, but some records usually survived, and people often came back in after the fire to … Continue reading

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BlogTalkRadio tomorrow night Tomorrow night, Thursday, April 10, at 9 p.m. EDT, Bernice Bennett, host of BlogTalkRadio’s Research at the National Archives & Beyond, and The Legal Genealogist join forces for Slavery in the North. This free one-hour online radio … Continue reading

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225 years worth of records “Laws are like sausages — it is best not to see them being made.” So the saying goes, attributed — wrongly — to Otto von Bismarck1 but surely resonating with 21st century Americans. American approval … Continue reading

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Credit where credit is due Randy Seaver, author of the Genea-Musings blog, is one of the most prolific genealogy writers around, with a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly output that far exceeds anything The Legal Genealogist could ever envision. His “Saturday … Continue reading

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Just one county’s courts Time and time again, somebody says it — proudly: “I got the county court records on microfilm!” And then looks absolutely blank when The Legal Genealogist asks the follow-up question: “So… when are you going to … Continue reading

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Even when they add up to dimes The Legal Genealogist is changing hats this morning to association member. Like many of you, I received an email yesterday advising that the dues for the Association of Professional Genealogists would be going … Continue reading

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Bad bill not dead yet “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” So said a New York Surrogate, Gideon J. Tucker, in an opinion in an 1866 case. Or, at least, that’s who … Continue reading

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Adding a citation to an image In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and because The Legal Genealogist wants to show off a favorite program, today’s post is a how-to rather than a why-to. Reader Margel Walker Soderberg carefully read through … Continue reading

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Why do we do this? So The Legal Genealogist got yet another one of those emails yesterday that just has to have you shaking your head. There’s yet another new course out there on documenting genealogical sources — doing citations … Continue reading

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