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If you haven’t yet If you haven’t already voted in the American Bar Association’s 2014 Blawg 100 voting, there is still time! The voting ends at the close of business today, Friday, December 19th, which probably means somewhere around 5 … Continue reading

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Order the scanned files Let’s face it. Genealogists are cheap. We want everything, we want it now, and — heaven forfend — we do not want to pay for it. We don’t want to pay for subscriptions to websites. We … Continue reading

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Would you please…? The Legal Genealogist would greatly appreciate a minute of your time, and a vote in this blog’s favor. Because I really don’t mind losing. There are some great blogs that are also in the running. I just … Continue reading

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Some gems for 2015 Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there used to be an excuse for bad genealogy. Learning how to do it, to do things right, often meant traveling long distances … Continue reading

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I’ll drink to that! This year has been a tough year of transitions. Shifting from a regular work schedule to a contract basis. Teaching genealogy more than law. Traveling. Oh yes traveling. Almost everywhere this year. Even today The Legal … Continue reading

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Do yourself a favor Drop everything. Put all your other projects on hold. Clear your decks. Make sure you have a lot of time and a good strong internet connection. Have something to drink and snacks at hand. Then click … Continue reading

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The winter of our discontent It was nearly two years ago, in February 2013, that genetic genealogists and history buffs everywhere — The Legal Genealogist among them — held their collective breath. Would it be…? Could it be…? Was it … Continue reading

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Giving back by chipping in There’s a website out there offering an opportunity The Legal Genealogist can’t pass up. “We have a day,” the website begins, “for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals.” And clearly there was a … Continue reading

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Warning: very bad joke ahead There is a really terrible, really old joke about an argument that takes place in Heaven between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness about who is the better computer programmer, Jesus or … Continue reading

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And it’s basically no big deal So here we are, once again facing a long email and pop-up notices and more from Facebook with changes to its terms of use that will take effect on 1 January 2015. Terms of … Continue reading

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