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Last chance to register Last week, The Legal Genealogist was honored beyond words to be voted as one of the American and international Rockstar Genealogists by readers of John Reid’s Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections blog. Those nominated for this straw-poll award … Continue reading

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And the winners are… On 1 September 2014, for the third year in a row, John D. Reid of the blog Anglo-Celtic Connections asked genealogists around the world to vote for their favorite genealogy “rockstars” — people he described as … Continue reading

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Thirteen years ago today. It is, once again, September 11. A different September 11th from that one, 13 years ago. That September 11th was one of those glorious days we sometimes get in early September, with crystal-clear blue skies and … Continue reading

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Upcoming on the road Genealogical societies are busy places each and every fall, as the fall conference season gets underway. And The Legal Genealogist is heading off into this fall conference season with an absolutely packed schedule. From Chicago this … Continue reading

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Well, okay, and me, too… The Legal Genealogist is one of 150 genealogists from around the world whose names appear on the ballot of John Reid’s third annual contest for Rockstar Genealogists on his blog, Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections. John defines … Continue reading

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What your generosity is doing The final numbers are out. And they are mind-boggling. An absolutely stunning tribute to what to genealogical community can do when it decides to do it. When The Legal Genealogist picked up the ball on … Continue reading

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FGS goes North to Alaska! Think for a moment about the excitement of a genealogy conference: a range of speakers offering guidance on a range of topics we need to know about for our research. Then think about the pleasures … Continue reading

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Thank you!!!! First, the proof. (a) The Legal Genealogist was up — awake, moving, okay, maybe also whining and whimpering — at oh-dark-thirty. (You may not accept that I was actually out of bed at 5:36 a.m., but think about … Continue reading

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Can we break $50,000? Okay… here’s the deal. There’s going to be this walk, see, here in San Antonio, Texas, in less than 24 hours. Every dollar donated to sponsor a walker in this special Preserve the Pensions campaign right … Continue reading

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Sightseeing! Seriously. Can you believe it? The Legal Genealogist, goofing off, even? Doing no work at all but just (gasp) out seeing the sights? How ’bout you come see them with me? The River Walk That last one, by the … Continue reading

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