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Another one for the NERGC crowd If there was even a tiny shred of doubt remaining in your mind as to whether or not The Legal Genealogist is a total law geek, this should put it completely to rest. Here … Continue reading

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150 years ago today At 3:15 p.m. today, Thursday, the 9th of April 2015, all across America, the bells will ring out. They will actually start just a little before then, sounding alone in a little town in Virginia. It … Continue reading

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… With a flair Perhaps the biggest problem with casting a wide research net for a genealogy presentation is the vast array of neat stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor. But The Legal Genealogist can’t resist sharing … Continue reading

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Help transcribe War Department papers This isn’t a new resource to genealogists overall, but it sure is a new resource for The Legal Genealogist… and it’s yet another opportunity for us all to pitch in and help out in making … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, friend Today, we are told, is the first day of the rest of our lives. And The Legal Genealogist joins the rest of our community today in wishing the very best to one of our very best … Continue reading

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A little piece of it, anyway So… for those who like The Legal Genealogist have ancestors who passed through Oklahoma, it turns out there’s a way for us to own a little piece of Oklahoma. A piece that we can … Continue reading

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Sigh… Nobody is free of the problem, it seems. The problem of spam, and spambots, and spam attacks, and… Not even The Legal Genealogist. Now you might think that a single small genealogically-oriented website might fly under the radar of … Continue reading

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… and they could have figured it out… As genealogists, we learn to use all kinds of tools in our research. We use land records and probate records. We seek out court minutes from dustry corners of old courthouses and … Continue reading

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Join the AOTUS’s transcription project His name is David Ferriero, and he goes by the acronym AOTUS. That’s Archivist of the United States to anyone not in the know. He’s America’s Collector in Chief, the head of the U.S. National … Continue reading

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Free webinar tomorrow It’s a rare case where straightforward, simple, direct evidence gives us all the information we need to solve a genealogical puzzle. Between records that have been lost over time, records that were never created in the first … Continue reading

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