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The lure of DNA So The Legal Genealogist picked up some new cousins this week. Well, not exactly new, of course, but newly discovered, thanks to DNA. One is Gary. He lives in Texas, and he’s a third cousin once … Continue reading

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April’s DNA sales It will be 63 years come Monday. That’s the anniversary of the day when Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced they were sure that the structure of DNA was the double helix … Continue reading

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Act now to preserve data There are changes coming soon — possibly very very soon — to the matching system at AncestryDNA that may make some of the folks who’ve tested there lose some bits and pieces of information they … Continue reading

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Back to talking to each other This past week has been a painful one for the genetic genealogy community, with a spat between two key players going public when it should not have, and members of the broader community taking … Continue reading

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NO DNA info requests In the brouhaha last year about law enforcement trying to use genealogical DNA information to solve a very old, very nasty murder case, The Legal Genealogist made one prediction: Law enforcement wouldn’t do it very much … Continue reading

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Shew me the Shews! It’s been on The Legal Genealogist‘s Christmas list for years now: the hope that DNA might provide some evidence to take one particular family line back a bit further than we’ve been able to do so … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year off right So here we are on the first Sunday of 2016, and The Legal Genealogist stops to take stock on the DNA side of genealogy. It’s the time for each of us to ask ourselves: … Continue reading

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2015 DNA retrospective Here we are, in the last days of 2015, so it’s time to stop for a moment, and reflect as part of a year-end review. It’s been a pretty amazing year for DNA testing and its use … Continue reading

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Tales of struggle… and strength Here on December 24th — Christmas Eve — 2015, The Legal Genealogist is in awe. As much as I whine about aspects of my life — who doesn’t? — the fact is, I have it … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled Judging from the inbox of The Legal Genealogist (and of every genetic genealogist I know), it happens all too often. And it’s just happened again. Reader Theresa wrote in just yesterday: “I purchased AncestrybyDNA — a waste … Continue reading

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