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The new kid on the block There’s a new place to play with our DNA results right now. It’s called DNA.Land, it’s at — and that’s a complete address, no dot com or dot org involved, and it’s not … Continue reading

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Enough with the hype You knew it was coming. You knew it was inevitable. You knew that sooner or later somebody was going to come up with the idea of adding that little button somewhere in the vicinity of AncestryDNA’s … Continue reading

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GenealogyInTime’s 2015 list Still wondering if DNA is really part of mainstream genealogy? Wonder no longer. GenealogyInTime Magazine just published its list of Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015.1 This is a list that “profiles and ranks the best ancestral … Continue reading

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Not an outlier any more In case you’ve been living on the dark side of the moon in recent years, DNA isn’t the new kid on the block any more. It’s not an outlier in the genealogical community. It’s part … Continue reading

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The Promethease option Ever since 23andMe stopped providing health information to new customers as the result of a disagreement with the federal Food and Drug Administration,1 readers have been scrambling for options to obtain basic information about how their genetic … Continue reading

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Fish in every pond Over and over and over, the question is asked: “I’m adopted. What DNA test should I take to try to identify my biological family or even my biological roots?” And there’s only one possible answer to … Continue reading

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A sale on mtDNA tests There’s a sale going on right now at Family Tree DNA on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests. Until midnight central time tomorrow night — Monday, August 31 — you can get 20 percent off on mtDNA … Continue reading

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A really useful tool for AncestryDNA No, it really isn’t Sunday — even in the midst of the FGS cruise preparations, The Legal Genealogist isn’t that confused. It’s just that there’s a development at AncestryDNA that ought not to wait … Continue reading

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Not in the mtDNA There are, at this moment, 201 family trees on that list the man who became The Legal Genealogist‘s third great grandfather as Jacob Elijah Gentry. Of those, 167 are public trees. And 34 private trees. … Continue reading

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Coupons and discounts and sales, oh my… Okay, it’s that time of the genealogical year when some folks (gasp!) are getting distracted from their family history. By little inconsequential details like shopping for back-to-school supplies. Or getting a kid ready … Continue reading

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