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How to begin with DNA testing Reader Elizabeth and her half-brother share a mystery parent: a father who was absent from their lives and about whom they know next to nothing. And when Elizabeth finally found that birth father as … Continue reading

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One step closer Let there be no question about one fundamental fact: The Legal Genealogist loves cousins. First, second, third, fourth, doesn’t matter one bit, as long as (a) they are willing to donate just a little tiny bit of … Continue reading

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Making the most of your 2014 DNA testing dollars In 2012, The Legal Genealogist led off a Sunday DNA blog by asking “how do you get the most bang for the DNA buck?”1 And then followed that up last year … Continue reading

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Questions and answers about mitochondrial DNA Q. So why an mtDNA Q&A today anyway? A. Because there’s a major sale going on — a March Madness sale — at Family Tree DNA that ends at 11:59 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Limited time mtDNA sale No, it isn’t Sunday. Really, it’s not. And, yes, The Legal Genealogist usually only writes about DNA on Sundays. But there have to be exceptions in exceptional cases. Such as when there’s a huge sale that … Continue reading

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The Wright Battles connection Poor little mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The red-headed foster stepchild of the DNA testing world. Nowhere near as easy and obvious a genealogical tool as YDNA. Nowhere near as glamorous and enthusiasm-gathering as autosomal DNA. So often … Continue reading

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Paying up, paying it forward So here we are, once again, staring St. Patrick’s Day in the face. The day on which we see parades and pride and green beer. The day on which the flag being waved isn’t red, … Continue reading

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Maximizing autosomal matches There is a reason why The Legal Genealogist occasionally sounds like a broken record when it comes to autosomal DNA testing. “Test as many people as you can,” the song goes, before the needle skips and it … Continue reading

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Confusion on X inheritance Reader Judy is having some trouble figuring out what an X-chromosome match means at the third-party DNA website “I’ve read most of the documentation listed under the ‘DNA for Dummies’ link provided on the … Continue reading

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Where DNA, the military and genealogy meet Yesterday morning, in a broad sun-lit corridor inside the Pentagon building just outside Washington, D.C., the past and the present met… and breathed a deep sigh of appreciation and satisfaction. The Legal Genealogist … Continue reading

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