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Ordering applications from the SSA Yesterday’s blog post about what may and may not have been recorded in an application for a Social Security number — the SS-5 form — prompted a rash of questions about ordering the form, how … Continue reading

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Records access notices As genealogists, we need to be in the forefront of records access issues. If we can’t see the documents that give us the evidence we need, of relationships and more, then our research results will suffer. But … Continue reading

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A big records access win Sometimes, in the genealogical community, it seems like we lose every battle of importance when it comes to records access. We lost the fight to keep the Social Security Death Index fully open — and … Continue reading

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No records for you! It’s part of New England lore, the murderous woman. In Massachusetts, the lore begins with allegations that there were murdering witches in Salem,1 and continues at least until, according to popular lore but not according to … Continue reading

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Last chance to speak out You may have read, earlier this week, that the Arizona State Library’s genealogy collection is under major and imminent threat of being lost. The Legal Genealogist reported on Monday that: “Unless something changes — and … Continue reading

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A timely question about getting the SSN Reader Amy Jacobsen asks a great question that just happens to be very timely. “I am having trouble understanding my Grandmother’s Social Security number on her death certificate,” she writes. “I would like … Continue reading

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The Show Me State shows off court records The officially unofficial nickname for Missouri is the Show Me State. It’s not really any kind of official alternative name for the state, but the slogan does appear on Missouri license plates. … Continue reading

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For my history, my records, my people The Legal Genealogist is in Georgia today, at the spring conference of the Georgia Genealogical Society — “Your Ancestors and the Law.” We’re going to talk about private laws, African-American research, our family … Continue reading

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Where to find them One of The Legal Genealogist‘s standard recommendations to folks heading out on research trips is to tuck a copy of the state’s records access laws into their research bags, in case they encounter a clerk or … Continue reading

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Access to Tennessee adoption records The question came up at the Tennessee Genealogical Society seminar this past Saturday, as it so often does. How can we as genealogists get access to adoption records? The particular question in this case was … Continue reading

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