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For my history, my records, my people The Legal Genealogist is in Georgia today, at the spring conference of the Georgia Genealogical Society — “Your Ancestors and the Law.” We’re going to talk about private laws, African-American research, our family … Continue reading

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Where to find them One of The Legal Genealogist‘s standard recommendations to folks heading out on research trips is to tuck a copy of the state’s records access laws into their research bags, in case they encounter a clerk or … Continue reading

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Access to Tennessee adoption records The question came up at the Tennessee Genealogical Society seminar this past Saturday, as it so often does. How can we as genealogists get access to adoption records? The particular question in this case was … Continue reading

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Organizing and speaking out The pins started showing up at the National Genealogical Society conference in Richmond last week. In red, white and blue, they read simply: Genealogists VOTE. Yes, we do. We vote at the ballot box like all … Continue reading

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HIPAA does not affect church records Reader Mary M. is up against a real problem. An Ohio resident, she wants to see records of an old Polish church in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, but every time she asks … Continue reading

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Appeal at once There’s an old old old lawyer joke about the young associate sent by the senior partner to try a case in a distant city. When the jury verdict comes in, the associates sends a telegram1 to the … Continue reading

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One down, one to go Note: This post was scheduled for yesterday and, due to technical problems, didn’t run then. So, because of time issues, there will be two posts today. Please read them both! The genealogical community won one … Continue reading

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Fixing the addresses Yesterday, The Legal Genealogist asked readers to join the Virginia Genealogical Society in asking the Legislature there to amend a law that has had the unforeseen effect of closing off public access to important court records that … Continue reading

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Support needed for repeal Virginia is near and dear to the hearts of so many genealogists. It’s the site of some of the earliest European settlements in North America. Its laws and its leaders played pivotal roles in the founding … Continue reading

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Budget bill bans public access for three years Yes, the budget bill was signed into law. No, there wasn’t any Christmas miracle. Yes, the language that eliminates public access to the Social Security Death Master File — also known as … Continue reading

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