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A sale on mtDNA tests There’s a sale going on right now at Family Tree DNA on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests. Until midnight central time tomorrow night — Monday, August 31 — you can get 20 percent off on mtDNA … Continue reading

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Images of The Last Frontier In case you hadn’t noticed… The Legal Genealogist heads off — today! — to board the Jewel of the Seas for the Federation of Genealogical Society cruise to Alaska. And, of course, it wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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A really useful tool for AncestryDNA No, it really isn’t Sunday — even in the midst of the FGS cruise preparations, The Legal Genealogist isn’t that confused. It’s just that there’s a development at AncestryDNA that ought not to wait … Continue reading

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Indulging the inner legal geek So right after yesterday’s post ran about the odd Oregonian origins of Alaskan law, in pinged an email from one of The Legal Genealogist‘s cousins. “There are two uses of ‘organic’ that made me pause,” … Continue reading

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The laws of Alaska As The Legal Genealogist prepares for the Federation of Genealogical Society cruise to Alaska starting later this week, it’s clear that folks with roots in Alaska sometimes think that there are some amazingly strong parallels between … Continue reading

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And furthermore… So yesterday, in the course of reviewing the DNA evidence that disproves persistent family lore of Native American ancestry, The Legal Genealogist whined about the fact that so many cousins want to turn third great grandfather Elijah Gentry … Continue reading

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Not in the mtDNA There are, at this moment, 201 family trees on that list the man who became The Legal Genealogist‘s third great grandfather as Jacob Elijah Gentry. Of those, 167 are public trees. And 34 private trees. … Continue reading

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Facing those deaths One hundred and 71 years ago today, on the 22nd of August 1844, right about 11:30 in the morning, a little girl was born at home at Buntentorsteinweg 64, in the City of Bremen, Germany. Her name … Continue reading

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Running to Syracuse It was back in February, when the Federation of Genealogical Societies was holding its 2015 conference side-by-side with RootsTech, that Michael Hall made the decision. He wanted to do something more, something different, to support the “Preserve … Continue reading

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Thing versus copyright It’s a persistent question that has reader Sherri perplexed in trying to understand her rights to a photograph of her grandparents: the question of the difference between owning a particular thing and owning the copyright to that … Continue reading

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