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Why David and not Dorothy? AncestryDNA has taken the position from the very beginning that individual users of its DNA product don’t need certain information. We don’t, it contends, need to know what segments of DNA we might share with … Continue reading

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RIP little cousin He was just a little boy, just two days past his sixth birthday. And he died a horrible death. What today would be a preventable death. Ralph Livingston of Hollister, Oklahoma, was The Legal Genealogist‘s first cousin … Continue reading

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Those 1890 statutes The Legal Genealogist is heading off to Oklahoma tomorrow, to speak at the Oklahoma Genealogical Society conference on Saturday and — with any luck at all — to track down some elusive Tillman County ancestors in the … Continue reading

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For the common law crowd Reader John Sparrow took one look at yesterday’s post about Black’s Law Dictionary and shot off a question. “Do you know if there are similar books for England and/or Australia?” he asked. “If so, could … Continue reading

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Best for genealogy Reader Pam Anderson had a great question after trying — and failing — to find a truly archaic legal term in her pocket copy of Black’s Law Dictionary. “On the Black’s Law Dictionary,” she asked, “any recommendations … Continue reading

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Sigh… Nobody is free of the problem, it seems. The problem of spam, and spambots, and spam attacks, and… Not even The Legal Genealogist. Now you might think that a single small genealogically-oriented website might fly under the radar of … Continue reading

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Looking beyond mere geography The Legal Genealogist would never have thought of going to Philadelphia to research her North Carolina ancestors. Or to consider in more detail the death of George Washington at his beloved estate Mount Vernon in northern … Continue reading

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… and they could have figured it out… As genealogists, we learn to use all kinds of tools in our research. We use land records and probate records. We seek out court minutes from dustry corners of old courthouses and … Continue reading

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Join the AOTUS’s transcription project His name is David Ferriero, and he goes by the acronym AOTUS. That’s Archivist of the United States to anyone not in the know. He’s America’s Collector in Chief, the head of the U.S. National … Continue reading

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Free webinar tomorrow It’s a rare case where straightforward, simple, direct evidence gives us all the information we need to solve a genealogical puzzle. Between records that have been lost over time, records that were never created in the first … Continue reading

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