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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? He was, the record shows, some 74 or 75 years old, living with his son Jeremiah. He had some money coming to him from a mortgage on some property in New York, and had a few … Continue reading

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Records of the Chancery Courts There’s only ever been one court that’s had doing what’s fair as part of its official mission: the chancery court. With different names in different states (and countries), it was often the go-to court for … Continue reading

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Cue the eerie music! The Legal Genealogist first encountered William W. Montgomery in the statute books of the United States. When I lecture to genealogy groups in different parts of the United States, I make a concerted effort to tailor … Continue reading

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Come on, matchmaker… make me that match! The Legal Genealogist‘s favorite cartoon of all time is one that perfectly sums up my view of patience. It shows two vultures sitting on a branch. One of them turns to the other … Continue reading

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The boy in the picture The attic was a place where, it seemed, anything might be found. Old clothes to dress up in. A place to hide when the younger kids were just too annoying. An education in anatomy, through … Continue reading

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Two weeks from now, in Salt Lake City It’s a tradition of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, its way to say thank you to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and its staff for all of the … Continue reading

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A few points to ponder Ancestry has updated its terms of use effective September 1 for existing users and August 1 for new users and, while there are no big surprises, there are a few provisions that users should know … Continue reading

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Ick! The -ix! Whistling girls and crowing hens Always come to some bad end.1 They are decidedly odd to the modern eye, these words from an older time. Administratrix. Executrix. They are even odder to the modern ear, if you … Continue reading

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Notice is hereby given … Janet Iles hit the ball out of the genealogy research park when she asked, in a blog post yesterday, “Do you check newspaper advertisements when doing your family research?” The retired Canadian library technician who … Continue reading

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Last chance to register Last week, The Legal Genealogist was honored beyond words to be voted as one of the American and international Rockstar Genealogists by readers of John Reid’s Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections blog. Those nominated for this straw-poll award … Continue reading

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