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Happy Cinco de Mayo Today is Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May, celebrating the defeat of the French Army at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico in 1862. That wasn’t the end of the war with the French — … Continue reading

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Michael’s progress It was back in February, when the Federation of Genealogical Societies was holding its 2015 conference side-by-side with RootsTech, that Michael Hall made the decision. He wanted to do something more, something different, to support the “Preserve The … Continue reading

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Reporting DNA issues accurately In genealogy, we get this point: facts matter. In genealogy, the point shouldn’t have to be repeated: facts matter. And in genetic genealogy, the point really shouldn’t have to be repeated: facts matter. Particularly when the … Continue reading

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For my history, my records, my people The Legal Genealogist is in Georgia today, at the spring conference of the Georgia Genealogical Society — “Your Ancestors and the Law.” We’re going to talk about private laws, African-American research, our family … Continue reading

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Law Day 2015 It’s May 1, officially declared as Law Day in the United States,1 and for this self-proclaimed law geek it’s definitely my kind of holiday. Law Day as a day to celebrate the rule of law and its … Continue reading

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The pony homesteads Tucked away in the records of Elbert County, Georgia, are some of the neatest genealogical records imaginable. In them, you can find that, in January 1874, Garnett Adams was the head of a family consisting of himself, … Continue reading

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Let’s review: terms of use Three years ago, The Legal Genealogist began an occasional series on terms of use. And every single time I sit down with anybody and talk about copyright issues and when we can and can’t use … Continue reading

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NGS streaming, Jamboree early bird Time’s almost up! Two of the very best opportunities to learn about genealogy, the right way, and to network with others who absolutely positively will not roll their eyes when you talk about your ancestors … Continue reading

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Now get your testing done Exactly 62 years ago yesterday, Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced they were sure that the structure of DNA was the double helix — an event “considered by many to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the club Ben Affleck was “embarrassed” to discover that he had slaveowning ancestors. “The very thought left a bad taste in (his) mouth.”1 No foolin’. That’s about the reaction all of us would have — should have — … Continue reading

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