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And relationships too So all this week The Legal Genealogist has been romping through the laws of the Province and State of New York as they impacted Orange County. That’s all been, in part, leading up to tomorrow’s spring seminar … Continue reading

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More stories in the statute books It was, there can be no doubt, a major feat in civil engineering for its time. Running along the Hudson River in the highlands of Storm King Mountain, the Storm King Highway — a … Continue reading

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More than wolves and panthers So you’re sitting there wondering if The Legal Genealogist is going to spend the whole week looking just at the laws of Orange County, New York. In fact, I may very well do just that, … Continue reading

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The bounty laws There is a story in every statute book… and sometimes in every statute. Like the story of the beasties of Orange County. Orange County, New York, is where The Legal Genealogist will be this Saturday, April 30, … Continue reading

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Fixing the county lines Genealogy trivia time. Here’s the question: When was the last time the borders of Orange County, New York, were fixed? The Legal Genealogist wanted to know, because this weekend is the spring seminar of the Orange … Continue reading

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The lure of DNA So The Legal Genealogist picked up some new cousins this week. Well, not exactly new, of course, but newly discovered, thanks to DNA. One is Gary. He lives in Texas, and he’s a third cousin once … Continue reading

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RIP Totsy Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 17 years already. And sometimes it feels like it’s been forever. Seventeen years. It was a Friday, April 23rd, 17 years ago. And my family was waking up to the … Continue reading

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The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. For someone trained in the common law — inherited from the British tradition, working in the records of the civil law is like working in a foreign country. And … Continue reading

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April’s DNA sales It will be 63 years come Monday. That’s the anniversary of the day when Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced they were sure that the structure of DNA was the double helix … Continue reading

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Registrations closing soon It’s the spring conference season, and that’s an amazingly busy time of year for genealogists everywhere. But The Legal Genealogist doesn’t want anybody getting so busy that we miss a key deadline, whether it’s for a spring … Continue reading

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