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Innovator Showdown Winner It’s Sunday morning in Salt Lake City and The Legal Genealogist is wiped out. It’s the end of RootsTech week, and there isn’t much in genealogy that can wear you out more than trying to keep up … Continue reading

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Another way to be here The excitement is building in Salt Lake City with RootsTech due to open tomorrow morning. Thousands of genealogists and family history enthusiasts are converging on the Salt Palace Convention Center for one of the biggest … Continue reading

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You don’t have to miss everything It’s RootsTech week in Salt Lake City, and genealogists from all over the world are descending on the convention center, the Family History Library and all the other facilities in anticipation of the opening … Continue reading

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One hundred years ago… By this time tomorrow, The Legal Genealogist will be standing in Pearl, Mississippi. Pearl. On the Pearl River. In Rankin County. Where my third great grandfather once rode circuit as a Methodist Episcopal preacher and where … Continue reading

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The stories in the law book There are always stories to be found in those dusty old law books. Sometimes the most powerful and compelling stories of all. And all we need to do is look for them. Case in … Continue reading

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Nope, it’s NOT all online There’s a really interesting statute that was passed by the Mississippi legislature in 1819, dealing with the licensing of physicians and surgeons. None of us, The Legal Genealogist included, tend to think of medical licensing … Continue reading

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NO DNA info requests In the brouhaha last year about law enforcement trying to use genealogical DNA information to solve a very old, very nasty murder case, The Legal Genealogist made one prediction: Law enforcement wouldn’t do it very much … Continue reading

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Nuncupative wills in Mississippi It’s to a different kind of will that The Legal Genealogist calls attention this morning: not the usual written form that we hope to see with our ancestors carefully setting out spouses and children and grandchildren … Continue reading

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Shew me the Shews! It’s been on The Legal Genealogist‘s Christmas list for years now: the hope that DNA might provide some evidence to take one particular family line back a bit further than we’ve been able to do so … Continue reading

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The great mumps epidemic of 1962 The Legal Genealogist is of That Age. You know the age I mean. The age where we had everything — and I mean everything — as kids. I had, in no particular order and … Continue reading

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