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What DNA can tell us Every so often, even those of us who work with DNA test results on a regular basis are just astounded, not just by what DNA can do … but even more by what stories it … Continue reading

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Sixty years ago today There is something very wrong with this picture. Yes, this specific picture. The one you see here on this page. Not to mention the one that greets me every day when I stagger down the hall … Continue reading

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Indiana House restores funding It’s not exactly time to breathe a deep sigh of relief — not yet — but there is reason for cautious hope in Indiana these days. The House of Representatives in the Hoosier State has voted … Continue reading

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…get discounts on registration! For so many reasons, we all can’t wait for February to end. Snow, cold, ice, slippery roads, all the things that winter brings and that make getting around so very difficult are heading out as February … Continue reading

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You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to The son of The Legal Genealogist‘s niece is a little boy named Jack. He is my brother’s first grandson, the light of all of their lives, and a total charmer whom I had the … Continue reading

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That cousin The Legal Genealogist is swooning. Seriously. Head over heels over a male of the species. And he’s not even tall, dark and handsome. He’s short, sandy blond and adorable. He’ll be a year old tomorrow, and he’s my … Continue reading

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Those dratted ethnicity percentages It’s a question that just won’t go away. No matter how many times The Legal Genealogist warns — and most others interested in genetic genealogy agree — that the ethnicity estimates provided by DNA testing companies … Continue reading

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RIP George Thomas Cherryhomes “Faithfull and forgiving but duty came first.” Those are the words on the tombstone of George Thomas Cherryhomes at Oak Grove Cemetery in Graham, Young County, Texas. He was born, the engraving says, on 8 November … Continue reading

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Free webinar next week One of the most challenging aspects of genealogical research is putting together all the bits and pieces of evidence we collect to reach a sound conclusion and to tell a compelling story. Dealing with complex evidence … Continue reading

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Following up Yesterday, The Legal Genealogist took on the topic of the copyright that genealogical speakers have in their lectures, slides and handouts. The impetus was last week’s combined Federation of Genealogical Societies and RootsTech conference, and the seemingly rampant … Continue reading

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