The words of Gettysburg: 150 years later

Reciting the words

The Gettysburg Address.

Depending on what version you read, it’s between 268 and 276 words in length.

And — even today — 150 years to the day after Lincoln spoke those words on the battlefield at Gettysburg, it’s still enough to give you goosebumps just reading the words, silently, to yourself.

But we’ve been asked to do more than read them, silently, to ourselves today. Documentary film maker Ken Burns and others, including the Librarian of Congress, have asked us all to join today in speaking the words aloud today. (See the Library of Congress blog from 12 November.)

The Legal Genealogist is proud to add her voice to this effort.


Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division.

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8 Responses to The words of Gettysburg: 150 years later

  1. Karen says:

    Well done, thank you!

  2. Mary Ann Thurmond says:

    Thank you, Judy! Great way to start my day.

  3. Wonderful, Judy. My mother’s grandfather was there that day when Lincoln gave this “little speech.” I think I will ask her to read this speech tonight and record her. Thanks for sparking that idea.

  4. Donna Brown says:

    The photos created a vivid backdrop for what would have been in the minds and hearts of both Lincoln and his hearers. Thanks for taking the time to do this project so well and to share it with us.

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