Walk in to Worcester

“Walk right in, sit right down, … let your mind roll on”

According to the online driving directions, it’s 45 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island, to Worcester, Massachusetts.

MGC.SatFrom Boston, it’s 51 minutes.

From Hartford, Connecticut, it’ll probably take you about 65 minutes to get to Worcester.

From Manchester, Vermont, you’ll need 10 minutes more — 75 minutes total, in traffic.

From Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it’s 90 minutes.

Heck, you can get to Worcester, Massachusetts, from Albany, New York, in only two hours.

And tomorrow, Saturday July 20, throughout New England is going to be another hot, sultry day. Boston, 91 degrees. Hartford, 92. Portsmouth, 87. Even Manchester will be 82.

So why in the world would you be anywhere else, other than in a nice air conditioned place?

A nice air conditioned place with lots of good folks, brought together by the Massachusetts Genealogical Council.

A nice air conditioned place with lots of good folks, brought together by the Massachusetts Genealogical Council — and some seats available for walk-ins!

Yep, turns out the facility chosen by the Massachusetts Genealogical Council for its seminar tomorrow at Holy Cross College in Worcester holds more people than MGC was originally told. That means there will be room for walk-ins!

So come on out tomorrow. You’ll meet good people, have a chance to check out the wares of some great vendors, hear a wonderful overview of records access issues from a team of experts.

And oh yeah… there’s a speaker. The Legal Genealogist. With three presentations:

• Breaking hrough the 20th Century Brickwall: Building a Family through Circumstantial Evidence

• How Knowing the Law — Massachusetts Style! — Makes Us Better Genealogists

• Using Court Records to Tell the Story of Our Ancestors’ Lives

Need more information? Check out the Massachusetts Genealogical Council website.

And come to the dark side1 — we have air conditioning.2

  1. We’ll lower the lights a bit to see the screen better.
  2. Trust me. There’s no way I’d wear a jacket on a summer Saturday without it.
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6 Responses to Walk in to Worcester

  1. Enjoy Worcester! If I were there, I don’t know how long I would be able to stay in my seat as many of my ancestors migrated from NC to Worcester in the late 1870′s. I know that air condition will be wonderful!

  2. From Amsterdam to Worcester, on the other hand, takes at least ten hours. So for that reason, and that reason only because you were very convincing, count me out :-)

  3. Good luck, Judy! I know the people attending your presentations will be enlightened. Stay cool!

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