A patchwork quilt of memory

The women of March

Raised by the women who are stronger than you know
A patchwork quilt of memory only women could have sewn
The threads were stitched by family hands, protected from the moth
By your mother and her mother, the weavers of your cloth.

– Mary Chapin Carpenter, Family Hands

March is Women’s History Month. And my family history is chock full of amazing women who joined our family … or who left it behind … in March. We celebrate the birthdays, we grieve the losses, and we just enjoy the faces.

Here they are … the weavers of our cloth.

My great grandmother Eula Baird Livingston Robertson
born AL 24 Oct 1869, died VA 13 Mar 1954

My grandmother Opal Eileen Robertson Cottrell
born TX 21 Aug 1898, died VA 15 Mar 1995

My mother Hazel Irene Cottrell Geissler
born TX 21 Mar 1926, died VA 23 Apr 1999

My sister Diana (L), born CO 13 March,
and me (R), born CO 19 Mar, some years ago

My great niece Addyson
born VA 14 March much more recently

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8 Responses to A patchwork quilt of memory

  1. magda says:

    Precious . Love the words in the song. I have a few strong women in my family quilt too ( plus my daughter who joined the Navy ) . Happy Early Birthday , Judy !

  2. Kay Haden says:

    What a lovely tribute!

  3. Beautiful post. I love the song and the thought. I had the thought recently that their lives and choices made such a difference in our lives regardless of our awareness of them, but as we begin to research and learn more about them, that influence increases so much and we gain so much more. The more I learn, the more indebted I feel to them and the more I appreciate them.

    Addison looks enough like you and Diana to be a third sister!

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Thanks, Michelle, and yes, Addyson is definitely a clone of her mama who is a female version of her Dad, one of Diana’s and my brothers. What I think I love most is her nickname. She’s called Totsi — and my mother’s (her great grandmother’s) nickname was Totsy.

  4. What a treat to see the “March” women in your life. Seems April was the month for me, but I don’t have lovely photos like you. Especially enjoyed seeing you as a youngster.

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