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“Possessed of her right mind” So The Legal Genealogist was poking around in obscure records again and ran across Mary Louisa Hess of Yamhill County, Oregon. And what a woman she was! And what a sad state of affairs she … Continue reading

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There’s news on the Social Security Death Index front — some bad, some worse, and some that just might possibly end up being at least neutral if not actually good. Bad news The bad news is that the 113th Congress … Continue reading

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Thank you, Emily The Legal Genealogist is one of those people who prays for patience, and then ends the prayer, “And I want it right now!” So whenever I encounter a reference to or an index entry for a document … Continue reading

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One week in July 1863 Lafayette S. Buckles was an unmarried 26-year-old preacher when he was mustered into service on the 10th of July 1863. And seven days later — on the 17th of July — he was mustered out. … Continue reading

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Haplotree changes Something that may seem very weird happened last week to your DNA results if you’re a male and you’ve tested for YDNA with Family Tree DNA. For example, my cousin Johnny went to bed as an I1 and … Continue reading

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The absent baptism Being annoyed at people who were dead before you were born is not The Legal Genealogist‘s suggested (or preferred) mental state when dealing with genealogical records. Brick walls, maybe. When you know the evidence is going to … Continue reading

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The answer may surprise you It takes an awful lot to get The Legal Genealogist to like Microsoft but one of today’s questions from reader Lynda Peach, who’s launched a blog at, is going to come very close… Here’s … Continue reading

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More to be done An online newspaper article practically caused The Legal Genealogist to fall off her chair yesterday: it may be — just possibly — that a politician is keeping his word. At least mostly. The article, which appears … Continue reading

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Not the same beastie Yesterday’s blog post about state trademarks prompted a flurry of reader questions, particularly from those who live in states where registering a state trademark is either expensive or complicated (or both). “It will cost me an … Continue reading

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Protecting a business name A reader from a western state started a blog for her genealogy business using her first name and a descriptive phrase. You know the type of phrase — “Myname, the High Plains Genealogist” would be an … Continue reading

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