Webinar tomorrow!

Criminal Court research strategies

Tomorrow, Family Tree University is hosting The Legal Genealogist in a one-hour webinar presentation: Using Criminal Court Records — Research Strategies from The Legal Genealogist.

Playing in the records of the bad boys (and girls) hanging from the branches of our family trees are about the most fun you can have in genealogy — even if you don’t have a bad guy in your family yourself. Chances are, somebody in your family knew that bad guy — maybe as a witness, as a juror, as a jailer, police officer or judge.

We’ll take a look at a whole range of records created after a crime was committed, from police reports to prison records and beyond. Here’s a teaser — not the real thing, just to whet your appetite:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

So come on out and join me on tomorrow, Tuesday, the 11th of December, at 7 pm EST / 6 pm CST / 5 pm MST / 4 pm PST, for Using Criminal Court Records — Research Strategies from The Legal Genealogist. Like all of the Family Tree University webinars, advance registration is required (it’s $49.99).

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2 Responses to Webinar tomorrow!

  1. Joan Peake says:

    Hi Judy
    I’d love to sign up but Family Tree has dropped me off the website like a hot potato for 5 times. Have you blacklisted me? Couldn’t blame you if you did. You know trouble when you see it.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      It wasn’t me, honest, Joan! (Not that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to keep the troublemakers out, but those are usually my brothers…) Email me if you’d like to me get in touch with Family Tree to get you registered.

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