The song is silenced

Opal Robertson Cottrell, 1898-1995

The voice has been silenced, but the melody lingers in the hearts of her children, grandchildren such as I am, great grandchildren and more.

But there are no more words to go with the sweet music.

Opal E. Robertson, c1900, age about two

Opal Robertson, c1915, age about 17

Opal Robertson Cottrell, c1935

Opal Cottrell, c1955

Opal Cottrell, 1966, 50th anniversary

Opal Cottrell and granddaughter Judy Russell, 1978

Opal Cottrell, c1993

The silent stone

Happy 114th birthday, Mama Clay.

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12 Responses to The song is silenced

  1. Janice Haynes says:

    How poignant! A lovely tribute. How special to have photos spanning all those years.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      There isn’t anything you could possibly have said, Rondina, to make me smile more. I hope I do… and I hope I end up looking more and more like her as I age.

  2. Dave says:

    Where are those Robertsons from, along eastern seaboard?

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      William M., our earliest known Robertson, was born c1794, most likely in NC. We don’t know where in NC he might have come from, can’t identify a wife. He was a hatmaker in MS and we pick him up in record evidence for the first time in Lowndes County MS in the 1830 census. We’ve done YDNA testing and have no matches closer than 35-for-37 markers. Sigh…

      • Tim says:


        My I ask what is the kit number of your Robertson that has tested. I am Tim Duncan the administrator of the Donnachaidh DNA Project.

        Thanks, Tim

        • Judy G. Russell says:

          Hi, Tim! Sure: my Robertson cousin is 79468. We’re in your Robertson J2 AI group with the Peter Robeson descendant who matches us 34-for-37. There are three closer matches (35-for-37) that we have (one Roberson and two Robinsons) who are not in the Donnachaidh DNA Project — I should probably drop them a note and suggest they join! (They’re all in the Robinson DNA Project).

  3. Debi Austen says:

    “The silent stone” – I love that description. It is completely silent yet tells such a wonderful story!

  4. What a beautiful photo tribute to your grandmother, Judy. She seems like a darling girl and lovely woman–no wonder she was so special to you!

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