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The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. All over early records — in court records, on jury lists, in land records and so much more — genealogists come across the term “freeholder”:      • To be a grand … Continue reading

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Don’t re-use or share images There’s a new kid in town in terms of genealogical records providers… or at least a new kid in the American town. The site — — is the flagship of British online data provider … Continue reading

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Stepping out of the routine You never know, when you start down the path of genetic genealogy and DNA testing, what to expect. But one thing came clear to me this past week: it’s the very fact that you never … Continue reading

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Gefallen He was born, the church records say, at 9 p.m. that Monday night, the 27th of July, 1885, the third of the seven children born to Hermann Eduard Geissler and Emma Louise (Graumüller) Geissler, and their first son. He … Continue reading

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The Last Frontier Throughout what’s commonly called the continental United States — also known as the Lower 48 — you’d have to be a centenarian — or a native of Washington, D.C. — to have been born anywhere other than … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary to postal records It was the only order of business before the Continental Congress that Wednesday, the 26th of July, 237 years ago today. And, the Journals of the Continental Congress report, it was agreed: That a postmaster … Continue reading

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Announcing the Genographic Project’s Geno 2.0 In 2005, the National Geographic Society launched the Genographic Project, a first-of-its-kind in-depth look at the deep ancestral genetic patterns of the human race. It was one of the most successful research projects National … Continue reading

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Standing by … waiting… The Legal Genealogist is going to be a little late today…

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Report!! The Massachusetts Genealogical Council, a leader in the fight for open access to the records that we as genealogists rely on day in and day out, is asking genealogists across the country to report any case in which a … Continue reading

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The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. It’s accretion when the ordinary routine flow of water ends up taking dribs and drabs of soil, sand and rocks from one side of the river and depositing them … Continue reading

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