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Pitching in It is almost beyond belief that in the not-quite-three months since the 1940 census was released, on April 2, 2012, the cooperative crowdsourced indexing project called the 1940 U.S. Census Community Project — in which, and … Continue reading

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Upcoming speaking events There are two upcoming events where I’m going to be speaking that require a little bit of advance planning. Well, a little bit in one case and maybe a little bit more advance planning in the other … Continue reading

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What the law was and is: federal One thing The Legal Genealogist preaches (to the point where some people are tired of it for pete’s sake already yet) is this: We need to understand the law at the time and … Continue reading

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Little known federal land court It only existed for 13 years, from 1891 to 1904. It had five judges, who were called justices, each paid the princely sum of $5,000 a year, plus traveling and personal expenses while on the … Continue reading

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Wyoming’s Constitution So yesterday The Legal Genealogist launched what will be a very lengthy process of working with readers to catalog as many solid sources of American primary law as we can, to put together a resource that will help … Continue reading

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Primary Law: an introduction to a resource series One comment heard around The Legal Genealogist each and every day is this: finding sources to help explain the law as it was at a particular time in a particular place isn’t … Continue reading

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Was he or wasn’t he? It started out as a typical American story. Mom, Dad, three sons and finally a daughter. But when Mom and Dad threw in the towel on their marriage two years after the daughter’s birth, Dad … Continue reading

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Remembering Dr. Pepper Scientists say that memory and the sense of smell are intimately intertwined,1 and it’s a sure bet The Legal Genealogist isn’t going to disagree one bit. That link of memory and smell was driven home again yesterday … Continue reading

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Who’s on first? Reader Jill M. has an ancestor who was embroiled in a lawsuit in New York State in 1865. But oh boy… what a lawsuit! She was fortunate to find both the reported decision of case in the … Continue reading

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Thanks for the boondoggle Yeah, it probably was a boondoggle, one that would have a portion of today’s population howling about government waste and deficit spending. But here at The Legal Genealogist, all there is — all there could be … Continue reading

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