Copyright webinar tomorrow!

Tomorrow night: free APG webinar on copyright

One last chance for the procrastinators to register:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain and 6:00 Pacific), I’ll be presenting a webinar sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists. It’s part of the series of webinars being produced by APG and, through APG’s generosity, it’s free to all:

Facts, Photos and Fair Use: Copyright Law for Genealogists

Here’s the official blurb:

Materials and records created by others are the bread-and-butter of genealogy. But whether copyright law allows use of old photographs, reports and articles can be murky at best. Join “The Legal Genealogist” Judy G. Russell as she sheds light on what’s copyrighted and what isn’t, when and how copyrighted materials can be used, and how to handle copyright issues with our own clients.

Again, this webinar is free and open to all genealogists, courtesy of the Association of Professional Genealogists, so reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Remember: after tomorrow, the recording of this webinar — like all recordings of the APG webinars — will be available to APG members only. So be sure to reserve your seat today!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

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8 Responses to Copyright webinar tomorrow!

  1. Thank you, so good to be able to do research on family to cherish and pass down to extended family members.

  2. Bennette Camacho Sanner says:

    Thank you, will check this out.

  3. Mary Holland says:

    Thanks so much for the webinar – I learned a lot and found it most interesting. It was fun to see where you have gone with the ideas you were talking about on the Cruise!!
    Also I’d like to comment on the way you handled it all. Unlike so many others I’ve listened to, you speak so well – easy to understand your content, good diction, a friendly attitude and quick and authoritative answers to the questions. Congratulations on a superior webinar.

  4. Amy says:

    Hi Judy, Thank you for presenting this wonderful, informative webinar tonight. The Q&A session was great too. I learned about it through Dick Eastman’s newsletter.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Thanks, Amy! The webinar was fun to do — the questions were great! I’m so proud to be part of what APG is doing. And I am most grateful to Dick Eastman for letting people know about it.

  5. Judy in Ocala says:

    I’m very interested in this topic, but only learned of the webinar after it was over. It it available to view in archive?

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      It is (or will be) available to members of the Association of Professional Genealogists in the members’ only section along with others in a really good webinar series. (A good reason to join!!)

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