Wanted: Faure / Fore / Ford DNA

If you’re a male with the name Faure, Fore or Ford, and you’ve documented your descent from the Faure family of Manakin Town, Virginia, I want your DNA. If you know a male with the name Faure, Fore or Ford, with documented descent from the Faure family of Manakin Town, Virginia, please tell him I want his DNA. If you’re associated with any Huguenot society anywhere in the universe and you’re even acquainted with a male with the name Faure, Fore or Ford, with documented descent from the Faure family of Manakin Town, Virginia, please tell him I want his DNA.

Just a little bit of it. It won’t hurt, I promise, and I’ll even pay for the DNA testing.

Jesse in 1830

Saturdays around The Legal Genealogist are for my family, and the Faure/Fore/Ford question is one of my most perplexing brick walls. Now, having said that, truth be told, I know a lot about my 3rd great grandfather Jesse Fore. He was a fifer in Captain Michael Gaffney’s Company of South Carolina Militia in the War of 1812.1 He married his first wife Nancy in Buncombe County, North Carolina, in 1815.2 He was in Buncombe County for the 1830 census,3 in Union County, Georgia, in 1840,4 and Pulaski County, Kentucky, with Nancy in 1850.5

In 1851, he filed a bounty land application based on his 1812 war service.6 In 1855, he married widow Sarah Nicks in Union County, Georgia.7 He and Sarah were in Bledsoe County, TN in 18608 and can’t be located on the 1870 census. Jesse died in Warren County KY on 16 Jul 1872.9 I even know what Jesse’s YDNA haplogroup was — R1b1a2 — based on the testing of a great great grandson from Texas in 2008.10

There are, of course, a few minor little details about Jesse that I’d still live to find out. You know… those inconsequential details like … oh … where was he born? Who were his parents? How was it that he felt free to marry Sarah Nicks in 1855 when his first wife Nancy didn’t die, in Parker County, Texas, until 1882?11 As I said, details.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’ve mined every last record out there that might help me track Jesse back. I’m a long way from satisfying the Genealogical Proof Standard12 — or myself — as to Jesse’s ancestry. But given the record losses in South Carolina,13 I sure wouldn’t mind taking just a little shortcut here and trying to leapfrog him back to the family I think he was part of: the Faure family which, with other French Huguenots, settled in Manakin Town, Virginia, around 1700.14 If I could make that link, then even if I don’t ever pick up more of a trail to go backwards from Jesse, I’d at least have a clue where to start — to go forwards from Manakin Town to Jesse.

And all I need is just a little bit of DNA. Not much. No needles, no blood, not even any spitting. Just a swab rubbed on the inside of a cheek of just one documented male direct-line descendant of the Manakin Town Faures. Just one male Faure, or Fore, or even Ford who’s got the paper trail my Jesse didn’t leave to his descendants.

I’ll handle all the testing details. I’ll pay for the test. Nobody else will even get your email address if you’d rather not give it out. Nobody else — not even the testing company — has to have your address.

So… c’mon, all you Faures, Fores and Fords with that paper trail. C’mon. You know you want to…


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24 Responses to Wanted: Faure / Fore / Ford DNA

  1. Carey Steven Fore says:

    I’ve documented my Fore line back to the birth of my GGF#6 Richard Fore 1750-1817, but I’m looking for a connection to Mankintown. We believe his father was a Daniel Fore from Nash county N.C. I’m familiar with your Jesse Fore as he is also an ancestor of several Fore’s I know in Buncombe Co. I’d love to give you my DNA. I’d like to hear all about your program.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Ooooh… check your email. Let’s chat about this…

      • Cherry Fore Hart says:

        I can trace my Fore ancesters back to Richard Fore also. I have never been able to trace further back because I can’t seem to find his father. Daniel is a family name and I’ve never looked at him. any help would be appreciated. I am on Ancestry.com and GEDmatch.

  2. Beverly says:

    My grandmother was a FORE/FAURE. Our (Huguenot) Fore/Faure family was from Manakin Town VA. My 3xgrandfather, Archealius Manson Fore/Faure was born in Manakin Town. I have my FORE line back to the Widow Faure. I have male cousins with the last name of Fore. Are you still on this quest to find DNA from Fores? If so I will speak to my cousins.
    Good luck,
    Beverly Levi

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Beverly, I would absolutely LOVE to see what you have on your line and anything that might help tie this together. I’m sending you an email to follow up! Thank you SO much!

  3. Beverly says:

    Me again – Beverly. I believe your Jesse was my grandmother’s Uncle. She left some written history about him. Don’t have my records in front of me, but if I remember correctly Jesse was a son of Archelaus Manson Faure/Fore from Manakin Town. Archelaus was the son of Peter Fore and Marie Gaudwin of Manakin Town. I am from Henderson County (Old Buncome County) in NC where Archelaus and several of his descendants settled.

  4. I am a descendant of Widow Faure (aka Mary Ann Chastain) of Manakin. Autosomal and Y-DNA tests for my paternal uncle and myself are available for comparison. The autosomal test has matched with other Faure descendants.

    Widow Faure (Mary Ann Chastain)(c1652-1700) is 8th great grandmother of Steven James Coker

    Elizabeth Faure daughter of Mary Ann Chastain
    Jean Jane Morriset daughter of Elizabeth Faure
    Charles Amonett son of Jean Jane Morriset
    Jean Amonett daughter of Charles Amonett
    William Buddin (1801-1845) son of Jean Amonett
    Susan Ann Buddin (1834-1909) daughter of William Buddin
    James Myers Coker Jr (1857-1925) son of Susan Ann Buddin
    Frederick Townsend Coker Sr (1889-1971) son of James Myers Coker Jr
    James Francis Coker (1923-1988) son of Frederick Townsend Coker Sr
    Steven James Coker son of James Francis Coker

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Thanks so much for that Steve, but the only match I see is between Carolyn Stewart Bell and my Fore cousin. Moreover, we really need a direct line male descendant for YDNA testing. In autosomal testing, you would be an 8th cousin or so, your uncle a 7th cousin, and the odds of having enough DNA to match are very small. It’s not impossible, of course, but matching wouldn’t prove the Faure connection (we’d have to rule out all other possible lines) and not matching doesn’t disprove it. The one thing that’s reasonably certain to give us the answers we need is the direct male line.

  5. AncestryDNA tests on Ancestry.com.

    SJCoker is Steven James Coker, a Faure descendant.
    F. C. (Administered by SJCoker), a Faure descendant.
    M. C. (Administered by SJCoker)
    D. S. (Administered by SJCoker)
    C. S. (Administered by SJCoker)
    G. S. (Administered by SJCoker)
    D. D. (Administered by SJCoker)
    FC is my paternal uncle Fred T. Coker Jr, a Faure descendant.
    MC is my mom Mellie Rae Ramsay Coker.
    GS is my maternal aunt Genell Ramsay Smith.
    DS is my maternal cousin Deborah Smith.
    CS is my Dad’s 1st cousin Carolyn Stewart Bell.
    DD is David Randolph DuBose.

    DNA at http://www.familytreedna.com/
    Kit#: 141217 Steven James Coker, a Faure descendant.
    Kit#: 197959 Fred T. Coker Jr, a Faure descendant.
    Kit#: 211781 Mellie Rae Ramsay
    Kit#: 236537 Genell Lottie Smith
    Kit#: 266032 Carolyn Stewart Bell

    http://gedmatch.com/ kits are:
    Fred Coker F197959. GEDCOM 6887933, a Faure descendant.
    Steve Coker C327832, M103607. GEDCOM 3443146, a Faure descendant.
    Mellie Rae Coker C639503, M102245. GEDCOM 3136261, 1789294.

    You can also find DNA on 23andme.com for me, mom, and Aunt Nel.

  6. George Fore says:

    Hello. Well, yes, I am in a direct paternal line from Daniel Faure, husband of Mary Chastain – the Widow Faure. Is this of interest to your search?

  7. Michael Francis says:

    Does my ancestor Christopher Ford 1728-1790 of Amelia County Va. count as a descendant of the Manikintown Fords? His sisters married into the Dejarnette and Dupuy lines.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Do we have a straight male line descendant of this Christopher, Michael? (He may be a Manakintown Faure descendant — but the paper trail isn’t perfect.)

  8. David E. Place says:

    My mother was a Ford, my Huguenot ancestors settled in that area of Virginia in (I believe)1703. My niece, who spent years tracing the family, is excited; says she can verify this for you, and certainly you may have my DNA sample.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      David, this sounds great except… you’d need to be a Ford on your FATHER’S side, not your mother’s. The problem is that we need a YDNA sample, and that comes down only through the father-to-son-to-son line. Do you have an uncle or male cousin on the Ford side we could ask to test?

  9. Ashley says:

    I believe my husband descended from this group of Fords. Furthest I can trace is James Daniel Ford (he went by Daniel) b. 1790 in Virginia. Married Agatha Walker in SC. I haven’t been able to connect them to the Faure family yet but am working on it. These Fords also were some of the founding families of Henry County, GA

  10. Lisa heckel says:

    I am a descendant of Christopher Ford of Amelia County. I have as well suspected he was a early settler of Manakintown with his sisters both marrying into the known French Huguenots, the close proximity to his homestead to other known Huguenots and records that show them as being witnesses to legal documents pertaining to each other. I had my brother submit his DNA this past year and is recorded on family tree DNA site. His I’d number is 297447. He has since passed away however he does have a son that could provide DNA. Christopher ford was my brother and my ggggrandfather. His descendants moved thru Tennessee to ark to Texas. Let me know if I can help in anyway or if anyone out there can help me on my brick wall of finding Christopher’s parents I would be estatic.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Looking at your test results and my group’s test results, we don’t match, Lisa. Which means one of our groups — or both of them! — don’t descend from the Manakin Town Faures. Darn it — there has to be someone out there with a solid paper trail!!!

  11. Gayle Evensen says:

    My grandmother was a Fore. I would like to do a DNA test but can’t find a ‘faure,fore,foree’ group. Where is everyone being tested? I was thinking of FDA or 23andme. FDA has the ford name but not faure. Can anyone advise?

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      The Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) project for Ford/Fore includes people we believe may be descended from the Faure family — but note that this is only for the direct male line (men who descend in an unbroken male line). There aren’t any projects for women or for autosomal DNA results. And as for the YDNA, we don’t have a documented male-line descendant yet to compare to.

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