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Now! For NYC records — now!!

Speak out for NYC access Now. Now, now, now! Today, without fail. If you care about keeping access to critical vital records, today is the day to speak out, on the latest battleground where this fight is being fought: New York City. Tomorrow, the 24th of October, is...

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Reprise: Elizabeth’s courage

A tale of courage and fidelity The Legal Genealogist is in Iowa today, for the second day of the Annual Fall Conference of the Iowa Genealogical Society. And it's impossible to be here in Iowa without being struck, once again, by the courage and fortitude of one...

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Books not just for lawyers

Regional case resources It was first published in 1879. It was the first of its kind, and to folks out on the Great Plains, it was a critically needed resource. And, today, it can be exceedingly useful not just to lawyers, but to genealogists as well. It's the North...

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Marking Iowa

Those historical markers Anything, but anything, can be used as a genealogical source. That's the message we can all take away from a great piece by Thomas W. Jones in OnBoard, the newsletter of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, entitled “Perils of Source...

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Finding Iowa laws

The laws of the Hawkeye State It's the mantra of The Legal Genealogist. Repeated over and over until long-time readers and conference goers can chant it along with me. To understand the records, we have to understand the law. And not just the law in general, but the...

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Those Iowa place names

Saying them right The Legal Genealogist is headed to Iowa later this week for the Iowa Genealogical Society's Annual Fall Conference. On Friday and Saturday, October 20-21, at the Toad Valley Golf Course in Pleasant Hill, we're going to talk about researching those...

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Missing the missing

The loss five years ago Five years. Five long years. That's how long it's been since The Legal Genealogist heard that word, said that way, in that voice. We all have those special names, things someone called us that no-one else did, that we have treasured in our...

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Constituting Michigan

That first state charter The Legal Genealogist is on the road again. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be precise, for tomorrow's Got Ancestors?! 2017 seminar of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society. We're going to have a lot of fun tomorrow at the Grand Rapids...

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Looking back at Michigan lands

Primary School Lands: reprise In anticipation of this weekend's seminar of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society in Grand Rapids, The Legal Genealogist was looking back on research done on Michigan issues in the past. (You are coming to the seminar, right? It's...

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Fighting for NYC records

Speak out for continued access The fight to keep access to critical vital records open to genealogical research is never-ending. The latest battle is being fought in New York City -- and our help is needed. The Legal Genealogist passes on this information from the New...

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