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Promethease promotion

Know before you upload For folks whose primary goal with DNA testing is to get some sort of handle on their overall health situation, Promethease has always been one of the available options and, right now, through the end of the year, it's offering to provide its...

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Ever a Union man

Except maybe not exactly He was The Legal Genealogist's cousin, that David Davenport of North Carolina. In one line, a first cousin four times removed. In another, a second cousin five times removed. Descended from a Baker cousin and surrounded by Baker and Davenport...

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Begging your pardon

Begging your pardon Records of the Civil War The war had already been going on for more than two years on that day in December, 154 years ago today. The country had been through Bull Run and Antietam and Shiloh and Vicksburg and Chancellorsville and Gettysburg and...

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Remembering Halifax

With Christmas trees and records It arrived in Boston in November -- a 53-foot white spruce given to the city by the Campbell family of Cape Breton Island. Lit up on Boston Common last week, it was a gift to the people of the City of Boston from the people of another...

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That lesser crime

The language of the law. Part Latin, part Greek, part law French, even part Anglo-Saxon. And all confusing. As genealogists, we all love the bad boys (and girls) of our families. The rogues and rascals and especially the lawbreakers. Because they generally do us the...

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Why is the chair empty?

No autosomal match to YDNA or mtDNA Why oh why doesn't that YDNA match show up in the list of autosomal matches? And why isn't that perfect mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) match sitting next to me in the autosomal testing pool? The Legal Genealogist can't resist a pun, so...

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Sticks and stones

... won't change my mind Arrogant. A snob. Elitist. Close-minded. Not considering the interests of the community. And... worst of the worst... no fun at all! These are just a few of the names hurled at The Legal Genealogist for daring to diss the app We're Related.[1....

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Maps of the Civil War

New collection online from NARA One each from Maryland and Oklahoma. Two each from Kentucky and Texas. Four from Alabama. Six each from Arkansas and Missouri. Ten from South Carolina. Seventeen from Mississippi, and another 17 from Tennessee. Twenty from Georgia....

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