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Sailing away

A different kind of notarial records The Legal Genealogist has been talking about notaries this week and, most particularly, notarial acts and records in what are called civil law jurisdictions. Those are places where the legal tradition comes out of the civil law and...

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Notarial records online

Options for 3 a.m. So you’re anxious to start having fun with notarial records? The ones mentioned yesterday, perhaps, from Orleans Parish that are at the Notarial Archives in downtown New Orleans?1 And you were disappointed that you couldn’t find every...

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Noting the notary

Not the same at all Yesterday, The Legal Genealogist noted that researcn in Louisiana — and particularly in Louisiana law — posed some unusual challenges. Because Louisiana’s legal system originated in the civil law tradition and not in the common...

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The lingo of Louisiana law

Getting help understanding civil law terms So The Legal Genealogist was down in Louisiana this past weekend, speaking at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. No, that’s not a church library. Anywhere else, it would have been called a county library. But...

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Who dat?

No Louisianans??? It is a very rare case when The Legal Genealogist speaks in a southern state and can’t reference direct ancestors. If I’m in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and...

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