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Remembering the internees

The stain on American honor February 19, 1942. Seventy-five years ago yesterday. That’s when it began. It was 75 years ago yesterday that the United States embarked on an episode that can only be described as shameful. Rounding up and locking up more than...

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The floodgates open!

Let the transfers begin It’s taken a very long time, but the floodgates are now open for transfers into the autosomal DNA database at Family Tree DNA. And for those who have tested at other companies but want the benefits of having good analytical tools while...

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O Reverend, where art thou?

Wedding bells in Texas It was 121 years ago tomorrow when they stood before a minister, probably in Bexar County, Texas, and said their “I do”s. On February 19, 1896, Jasper Carlton Robertson was just a couple of months short of his 25th birthday — he would turn...

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Get a GRIP for June 2017

Registration opens Wednesday, February 22 So you didn’t make it to the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy in January. And you didn’t register for the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research for its summer classes. Are you starting to feel distinctly...

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What a nuisance!

The federal crime, that is… It is, today, a quiet residential neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A Google street view image shows some modest single family homes. A small apartment building or two. Driveway basketball hoops. Sideyard grills. Picnic tables...

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