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The 23andMe class action

Opt in or opt out Yes, it really is for real. No, it's not a scam. Yes, you will need to act to get the maximum benefit from it. “It,” in this case, is the settlement of a class action lawsuit against 23andMe that was handled by way of arbitration through the American...

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Reprise: something about California

Not even for a cable car ride This story has been told before. In February of 2014, to be exact, when The Legal Genealogist was in California for a different speaking engagement.[1. See Judy G. Russell, “Something about California,” The Legal Genealogist, posted 1 Feb...

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Gone to California?

Finding those wayward westerners It's a surname that's fairly uncommon, even today. In 1850, fewer than 3,100 people were enumerated in the United States census with the surname of Battles -- or any spelling variant of the name. By 1940, there were still fewer than...

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The business of California

Reading the ads In just about every county, in most cities and many small towns, there is one source a genealogist can count on at least for background information about the time and the place. It's the newspapers. Published once a week or once a day, sometimes less...

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Revisiting the women and early California law

Protecting California's women With The Legal Genealogist heading back to California at the end of this week for the all-day seminar of the California Genealogical Society in Berkeley Saturday, it's time to revisit a set of records that tend to be overlooked. The...

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