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Chasing George

Kentucky to Tennessee to Texas? Genealogists, truth be told, have favorite ancestors. We don't always admit it -- we feel somehow we should love and honor them all equally, the way a parent is supposed to love the children all equally. But we all really do have those...

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The price of access

Logging in is on its way Like any good red-blooded American genealogist, The Legal Genealogist is a big fan of free. Free records! Free online services! Free! And nobody, but nobody, does free better than FamilySearch. The mega-database research website...

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What our ancestors feared

The bounty laws of Tennessee What were our ancestors scared of? Or, put another way, what threatened them, their children, their livelihoods? It's a story we don't often tell in our genealogical research... but it's one where the evidence can be found. Right there in...

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The changing times

From freeholder to householder It changed, there in Tennesee, in 1809. You can -- if you're like The Legal Genealogist and a bit of a law geek and like to read the laws -- see the change right there in the laws. It's always fun for me, when I'm getting ready for a...

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To serve… or not

Tennessee's militia laws Reader Kenna couldn't understand it. The research target she was closing in on lived in Tennessee in the 1840s and, she was sure, should have been on a militia list she found. But his name wasn't there. He'd been in the census in 1840, and a...

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