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Term of the day: oh those kids

Older, younger, say what? Today is the first full day of the 2017 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and a full week of teaching awaits. So nobody will go into withdrawal, however, The Legal Genealogist offers… The term of the day: YOUNGER CHILDREN. Now we all...

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Term of the day: haplogroup

Term of the day Back on the road: tomorrow sounds the opening bell for the 2017 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy — and a whole mess of lectures and presentations in five days. But The Legal Genealogist can’t allow her faithful readers to suffer the pangs...

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Bidding goodbye to the circus

End of an era There will be those, The Legal Genealogist is sure, who welcome with whole hearts the end of this particular era. Who greeted the news with relief and with joy. The circus will no longer come to town. This past week, the announcement came in a press...

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Learning from the law

Not the politics of the day A toughening of immigration and naturalization laws sending a clear signal to immigrants that they are, in general, not welcome here. Even legal immigrants under threat of removal from the United States whenever the President deems them...

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Born today

Two not-so-dissimilar men Today, the 19th of January, marks the anniversaries of the births of two remarkable American men. On this day in 1807, in Stratford Hall, Virginia, a son was born to the aristocratic Lee family. The child was named Robert Edward Lee.1 And on...

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