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Genealogy Guys Podcasts

Podcasts chock full of fun Do you listen to the Genealogy Guys podcasts? You should, you know, and not just because The Legal Genealogist was the guest of host Drew Smith in the Genealogy Connection episode just published on June 17th. These podcasts are chock full of...

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Farewell to my hero

Timothy Evan Geissler, 1973-2017 In so so many ways, Timothy Evan Geissler beat the odds. Born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus at a time when so many children with those conditions died soon after birth, Tim was a fighter who wouldn't give up. Born to parents who...

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Heading home from Down Under

The end of an amazing trip First and foremost, The Legal Genealogist wishes to assure loyal readers that this blog will return to the subject of genealogy and the law... tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. (It depends on flight schedules and jet lag, among other...

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Australia 2017 – part 4

A place called Kuranda Up in the hills near Cairns in northern Australia is a placed called Kuranda. It's a bit touristy. A bit kitschy. And totally magical. First off, it's got koalas. Like this one, whose name is Pavlova. There's nothing in the world like holding...

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Australia 2017 – part 3

The reef The Legal Genealogist has no words to describe the Great Barrier Reef. Oh, you can read all about it: one of the great wonders of the world, visible from space, and all that. But it doesn't begin to describe what it's like to be there, and to see all the...

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