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Before you gift

Think DNA ethics ‘Tis the season to be jolly… and to give gifts to family members and friends. For those who, like The Legal Genealogist, are fans of genetic genealogy, that may mean thinking about buying and giving DNA test kits to kith and kin this...

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A generation of memories

Gone missing It is to The Legal Genealogist‘s everlasting shame that there is no answer to one question there should be an answer to. Where were my family members — my grandparents, my parents, my aunts and uncles — where were they on that day? In...

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An hour for LVA

Speak out for records access May The Legal Genealogist have an hour of your time? Today. Tomorrow. This weekend. This coming week. At some point when it’s convenient, but within the next few days, take just an hour of your time. And speak out on behalf of one of...

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It’s elementary… not

The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. It’s one of those words we come across every so often as genealogists that simply has us shaking our heads. Eleemosynary. It doesn’t even look right. Maybe the spelling is off… or...

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That 1923 date

Copyright duration in the US The question comes up all the time here at The Legal Genealogist. Something was published at some point in the past, and a reader wants to know if she can use it in her genealogical work — in a blog post or a journal article or a...

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