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Family feuds, Kiwi-style

Dueling administrators Oh, the tales the court records tell... And it doesn't really matters whose court records or where or why... there is always a story to be told. For some reason, The Legal Genealogist ended up poking around in records of the New Plymouth Court...

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No words

Just tears The Legal Genealogist has visited the City of Manchester, England, whose City Council's coat of arms dates back to 1842. And so this morning -- along with the rest of the world -- I have no words. I have only tears... and anger... for the lives so...

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With all due respect

Let's not overstate the case... In legal circles, the phrase "with all due respect" is used to preface a statement or set of statements that can roughly be summarized in two words: "I disagree." That's pretty much the reaction of The Legal Genealogist to a piece...

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Bittersweet Saturday

Missing an Indiana cousin It is bittersweet to be here in Indiana on this family Saturday. The day of each week when The Legal Genealogist writes about personal family stories, instead of the stories of others. Because it isn't possible to be here in Indiana on this...

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Indiana bound

Indiana resources So The Legal Genealogist is winging her way westward this morning, to Indianapolis and the two-day event at the Indiana Historical Society that gets underway tonight. It's a fun evening that awaits folks tonight, when we look at Blackguards and Black...

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