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For genealogy bloggers too

A reminder about the FTC rules Yesterday, The Legal Genealogist set out in a footnote a point that really needs to be given a whole lot more emphasis than a single footnote can provide. That’s the fact that “the Federal Trade Commission requires a ‘clear and...

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Review: New Guide to DNA Testing

A winner of a guide to DNA testing. Informative. Understandable. Solid. Any time The Legal Genealogist can say those three things about a book — and particularly about a book on a topic that can be as hard to comprehend as DNA testing — you know we have a...

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O cousin, where art thou?

A cousin perhaps alive today? They may have already been on their way to the hospital, 78 years ago today. They had to have known, the granduncle and grandaunt of The Legal Genealogist, that there were not one but two babies on their way. And they must have been...

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In just one volume

Some clues to answering a key genealogical question So often, the key issue The Legal Genealogist faces — like any other genealogist — in trying to answer a question is how to distinguish person 1 from person 2. And so often some or all of the answer can...

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Looking back on the law

Yesterday’s laws inform today’s debates The Legal Genealogist didn’t mean to pick on Montana yesterday in focusing on the fact that anti-immigrant sentiment is nothing new in American politics. The point of yesterday’s blog was simply that...

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