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Free APG webinar: Genealogy at NARA

“NARA Nuggets: Genealogy in the Archives” There are a lot of great benefits to membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), including its webinar series that began back in 2012. Tonight, you can join The Legal Genealogist and enjoy that benefit --...

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RIP Ciara

Ending a chapter in my family history She came into my life on a Saturday afternoon in September 2007. The exact date: September 29, 2007. Early that spring, I had lost the second of my last pair of cats -- sibling deaf white cats from a litter born in 1990 on my...

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Estate planning for DNA

Designate a beneficiary “Test the oldest generation first” is the standard advice everyone -- The Legal Genealogist included -- gives when it comes to DNA testing. It only makes sense, particularly in the context of autosomal DNA testing, when every generation is...

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The pets who’ve owned us

Masters and staff The old saw is that dogs have masters and cats have staff. The Legal Genealogist has only ever had two dogs, in long-ago childhood days, so can't really speak to the former. But I have been owned by cats essentially all of my life, and can certainly...

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Changing the rules

Can companies change their terms of use? Reader Cheryl Brownstein isn't happy about changes in the terms of use of genealogy websites -- AncestryDNA, in particular -- that occur long after a user begins using the website. “Can the company simply change the terms that...

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