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A private matter

Recorded forever in the laws The Legal Genealogist believes it 100%: there isn't very much in genealogy that's quite as much fun as a good juicy divorce. Divorce records often disclose details we can't find elsewhere: things like the maiden names of the wives and...

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For Washingtonians too

An option for the Evergreen State So... a couple of days ago, The Legal Genealogist told Oregonians about a terrific resource for legal research into the early laws of Oregon and a number of west coast and mountain states. The State of Oregon Law Library offers...

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DNA tests not to bother with

Not for genealogists Today is National DNA Day, a special day chosen by the National Human Genome Research Institute to honor two major developments in genetic research. First, it honors the discovery in 1953 of the DNA double helix by Cambridge University scientists...

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For Oregonians only

A terrific resource for Oregon research Whenever The Legal Genealogist travels to speak to local genealogical societies, one of the preparatory steps is to find resources for the laws of that local area. It's a sure bet that those local laws, starting as far back as...

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Reaching critical mass

The numbers keep climbing One of the keys to success in using DNA for genealogy is luck: having someone else who shares your DNA who's also tested with the company (or companies) you tested with and who's willing to connect and collaborate with you on your research....

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