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Who dat?

No Louisianans??? It is a very rare case when The Legal Genealogist speaks in a southern state and can’t reference direct ancestors. If I’m in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and...

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The final numbers

Great success in indexing The final numbers are in and it turns out that last weekend’s Worldwide Indexing Event was a success beyond anything anybody hoped for or expected. We already knew that the sheer numbers were high: the plan was to gather up 72,000...

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No right to sharing

Nothing wrong with wanting a return Reader Ruth is offended when people post things on the internet and don’t make it easy for others to use them: I’ve noticed that some people claim “ownership” of photos of documents– they either claim...

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Legal relativism

Those pesky in-laws The Legal Genealogist can just picture it. Reader Susan Zabolotny is sitting there with a will from 1807, reading every word carefully, when she encounters the reference. You know — the reference. The one that says exactly what the...

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By the numbers

Success, and then some It was, by the numbers, a great success. The 2016 Worldwide Indexing Event was hoping to round up 72,000 people willing to spend roughly an hour each to help index some of genealogy’s most valuable historical records over the 72-hour...

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